Earth Wars Early Impressions

Written by Jack Bankhead

Earth Wars released today (1/25/18) on the Nintendo eShop for $4.50. That’s a freaking steal for this game. Why so? In the little I’ve played so far, it’s clear to see I’m going to get a lot more than what I thought I was for less than five bucks. The art style might put you off, but it grows on you. The combat is where this shines, it has intense, but fair and easy to understand combat. It won’t confuse you, but it won’t leave you underwhelmed. Y attacks, X shoots, B jumps twice, and ZR dashes. There’s a skill tree, multiple missions, and weapon crafting. A review might just be pumped out in the next few days because of the amount of fun I’ve had in this little time. I highly recommend it at this point.

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