Oxenfree Review- Really Freakin’ Freaky

Written by Jack Bankhead


Good stories will always stick with you, no matter what medium. They can leave an impression, change your view, or even change your life. While Oxenfree didn’t change my life, it did open my eyes just a tad to some subjects. Oxenfree has an incredible story, stellar voice acting, and great art.


The game involves a group of teenagers traveling to an almost abandoned island, to get high and to see some cool caves. It goes wrong, and freaky- VERY freaky when the teenagers get separated. Going and explaining more would ruin the story, and this is a SPOILER FREE reviews site. However, I can tell you that it’s an amazing story.


The gameplay is simple and engaging. When characters are talking, the girl you play as (Alex) has dialogue options that can take the conversations a different direction. This is neat, and it almost lets you build Alex’s personality, while having her own distinct scripted personality. You walk around, solve simple puzzles, (using the radio) and choose dialogue options. Not complex, but engaging.


The art definitely is atmospheric. The art just adds to the foreboding and suspenseful mood. With a different style compared to other games, it looks beautiful on the big screen. What’s more impressive is the voice acting, which is simply amazing. The actors are not stereotypical, they sound like real teenagers, but the acting is not annoying. It feels absolutely natural, which adds to the engagement even more than it already does.


Oxenfree is a brilliant game with a brilliant story. It’s brilliant in its art, story, voice acting, and atmosphere. Do pick this one up, whether or not it’s on sale. It is worth your time, and might just change your views on certain subjects. Maybe, just maybe.

Highly Recommended

Reviewed on the Nintendo Switch, not provided by Night School Studio

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