Forma.8 Review- Tiny Orb vs. Alien World


Metroidvanias are in abundance with the indie revolution. Are there some that are the same? Yes, of course. Some set themselves apart, while some try to go for something unique. Forma.8 is one of them.


The game involves a tiny orb crashing onto a large alien planet. The tiny orb must find a way to get out. Very simple plot, it tells it with zero words altogether. The orb can float around, and is not governed by gravity. However, he is governed by motion in his floaty state.


Floating around is one of the best aspects of the game. It’s what sets it apart from other games like this, so it’s nice to see that it is fun. The little orb has no abilities at first, but that changes quickly. The first ability you get for the orb is a little blast you can create around the orb, for attacking enemies and knocking rocks out of the way. You then get a bomb, then more as you go on.


The enemies and monsters are of good variety. Occasionally a boss will show up, or a monster that will not let you pass to the next area. Each one behaves differently, and will often drop health. The game has a way of teaching you skills that you would not have learned otherwise. For example, there was a spider that I couldn’t get near to. I found out I had to drop a bomb, then use my blast ability to launch it at the spider. This worked, and I found it a useful technique.


The art is spectacular. It is done in an almost silhouette style, making it look good, and minimalist. It adds to the overall sense of being alone, something Metroid does well. This game really takes off from Metroid, as it is a metroidvania. The music is mostly ambient, but again, adds to the sense of being alone. The world itself is sparse, and empty, with some supernatural stuff going on, adding an element of intrigue and suspense.


While this game has a lot of good going for it, it’s not spectacular in my opinion. Lots of polish, and a unique twist on the metroidvania formula, but nothing too special. I’d recommend this, but only at that.


Reviewed on the Nintendo Switch, not provided by MixedBag Games

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