The Adventure Pals Review- Helicopter Giraffe

Written by Jack Bankhead

Game provided by publisher

Have you ever played a game so charming, so fun, that you fall in love with it? That you wanted to share with a friend? Not many games can do that. The Adventure Pals can. A super colorful, vibrant and fluid art style, a humorous story, and fun gameplay with full co-op makes this game shine above the sea of games.

Game is two-dimensional, with a modern animated cartoon aesthetic. Think Adventure Time or Steven Universe! The game’s animation is super fluid with art being super crisp. The story starts with the main character’s birthday party, where his dad gets captured by Mr. B, then setting off on a journey to save him. Wilton (the main character) has to venture through various locales to collect rubies, with his friend Sparkles the Giraffe. Sparkles lives in Wilton’s backpack, where she can help him in various ways. Such ways can be turning a bolt to activate something, hover by using her tongue as a helicopter, or be a grappling hook. The idea of a tongue being a helicopter is hilarious.

Gameplay in The Adventure Pals involves wandering around the world map and towns until you unlock levels, which are presented in a 2D view rather than overhead. These are platforming sections where you jump around to the end of each level, collecting various items such as gold, cupcakes, and stickers. While collecting these, solving simple puzzles and fighting enemies will surely happen. Our hero can wall jump and make epic combos to traverse across the stage. Level design is incredibly good- It looks like it was designed to be coherent, and at times genius. A lot of care has been put into the levels.

There are RPG elements, as well. As you defeat enemies, you gain experience. With experience comes health and perks. This is a minor part, but it adds to the experience. There are items which you can collect and/or buy such as health potions, bombs, and invincibility potions. In towns you can talk with people, help them, and gain rubies to progress, and see some funny dialogue. Speaking of the dialogue, it’s GREAT. Funny but not annoying. I love interacting with characters.

Co-op makes this game shine a TON. The entire game can be played with a buddy, and lemme tell you, it’s great. Playing with a friend makes this three times better than it already was. It’s called The Adventure Pals for a reason! If you don’t have friends, don’t fret! It’s still fun!

With a charming aesthetic, crisp art, fluid animations, fun gameplay, humorous dialogue, and co-op, this game is worth your attention. About 8 hours start to finish, maybe 12 if you want to collect everything. The levels are super replayable, and with co-op, it won’t get old. Definitely one of my favorite games, there’s so much love baked into this game. You won’t regret picking this guy up.

Highly Recommended

Reviewed on the Nintendo Switch, provided by Massive Monsters