Animal Super Squad Review – Chickens, Toilets, and Explosions

Review by BifftheWizard

Game provided by publisher

Animal Super Squad is an incredibly ridiculous and well planned game where you tumble around, ride crazy vehicles, collect hats, and inevitably fall to your doom/ignite into flames/get speared by giant spears/explode. Sound fun yet?

In the adventure mode, you start with a chicken and a toilet mobile(called the “Flush Master”). You roll, tilt, jump, and boost around each level searching for the end ring, with tons and tons of wacky obstacles in attempting to deter you from your goal. Or just kill you. Repeatedly. You can find new hats to wear or animals to pilot, even little extra levels that range in difficulty (from “Eh.” to “AAAAAA-“). Each level is different and offer various scenery, obstacles, and levels of frustration. They’re purposely semi-frustrating, but in a way to force you to try other methods to try to continue. You just have to keep calm, take deep breaths, and pay for a new TV*.

If that gets boring or infuriating, you can make your own levels! There’s a ton of things you can create, so long as you have imagination by your side. The possibilities are endless! If you are super not creative and are absolute garbage at building or creating levels ~coughcoughLIKEMEcoughcough~, don’t worry! You can explore the equally endless amount of other people’s levels. The Community levels include: Spinning around forever, falling through space as the level doesn’t load, more freakin spinning, levels that are impossible, the Unikorn stick, the Unikorn stick, the Unikorn stick, the same level with a different title, “Cave for Pewds <3 2.0”, more-spinning-please-stop-seriously-for-my-sanity-stop, broken levels, and probably some good and great levels. Somewhere, I’m sure (I hope). It’s probably better if you don’t look just at the newest levels, like I did. If you’re going to make a level, please test it first. Then have some friends/siblings/other person test it. If they can do it, then everyone will be able to. Except me. Maybe. I’m not that good at this game.

Despite the obvious frustrations I have with this game, it’s incredible nonetheless. It’s weird, it’s wacky, and it’s fun. Some parts are definitely difficult, but in a good way. It is a challenge that I refuse to lose to. The checkpoints are spaced out well, so you don’t have to restart the entire level (thank goodness) every time you inevitably die. You have to figure out what to do differently so you can continue, and sigh in relief when you hit the next checkpoint. Even though basically everything is rigged to kill you, I enjoyed this game immensely. Except for when I wanted to murder something. Don’t worry, nothing has died. Yet.

Very Recommended

*No TV’s were harmed in the making of this review.

Reviewed on the Nintendo Switch, provided by Double Moose Games