The AnyDay Reviews Magazine!

Did you hear? We’re starting a print gaming magazine! We at AnyDay Reviews strive to bring you quality reviews and articles. That’s why we want to bring our content to a new audience: and the way we feel best works is with a print magazine. A gaming magazine from the smaller press, for everyone. It’s entirely possible, with YOUR help. To find out how you can help, please check our support page here. With our magazine, we want to bring you quality content. We will focus on indie games first, then AAA games as we want to give everyone a chance. If you want to feature your game in our magazine, please contact us with the information here. We would love to feature your game in our AnyDay Reviews magazine! Space will be limited, so bear that in mind.

The options for our magazine are meant to be wide. Options include buying individual copies of a digital or print version, or subscriptions for either, or both! In the Kickstarter campaign we will be starting, special rewards will be in store for those who back the project.

For those who donate on Ko-Fi or pledge $3 or more a month on Patreon, you will receive sneak peeks of the magazine as well as a choice of an email subscription for 2 issues or one print magazine, when released. Please prove to me that you have backed or donated on Ko-Fi and I’ll give you updates on the magazine and send you the goods when they’re ready.

If you’d like to write an article or be a part of the team, we are low on spots as far as team. Provided an article you write is well written, we can feature that and compensation will be part of the deal. Again, go to our contact page for the contact information. If you’d like to help with cover art, our first issue is covered but please contact us as we may be able to benefit from your art for a later issue.

Again, our magazine will feature mainly indie games, and a few Triple A games for reviews on all platforms. There will also be opinion pieces, developer interviews and reader comment segments. We hope that you will help us in our adventure!