Aperion Cyberstorm Review- Twin-Stick Glory

Game provided by publisher.

Written by Jack Bankhead

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Any of you who have been reading my reviews know I quite enjoy twin-stick shooters. They haven’t been traditional, however. Gungeon and Hammerwatch were dungeon crawlers, and Transcripted is also match 3. Aperion Cyberstorm is a more traditional twin-stick shooter, but that doesn’t keep it from being amazing.

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The game is not flashy in presentation. The graphics are comprised of basic geometric shapes, and the levels are made out of blocks, mostly. This is a good thing, it helps the player distinguish between what is dangerous, helpful, or a friend. The simplicity also allows for a slickness that is not possible with a bunch of stuff going on the screen. The game is super slick, with movement and shooting feeling absolutely natural and smooth.

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The game is simple to control- one stick moves, the other shoots and aims, and the R button dash dodges. The trigger buttons activate abilities. There are many abilities like rapid fire bullets, shields, different types of shooting patterns, and more. These abilities are unlocked via progressing through the story mode. Extra ships are also unlocked via story mode. Ships have different attributes, with those being maneuverability, shooting distance, damage, and health.

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The gameplay is absolutely a blast. The dash feature is my favorite, it feels very natural, and a great way to dodge. The game shares elements with a bullet hell, there are tons of things out to hurt you. Luckily, you can take multiple hits before dying. The game played with friends is the best way to play. Up to 5 players can play, and while I couldn’t get that working, I did get 3 at once including me. It’s a joy to play with friends, working together to go through each and every level. Teamwork is essential, helping your teammates makes everyone win.

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The versus mode is fun. This was also very fun to play with 2 other friends. It’s pretty hectic, but that’s about as much as I could say because I had limited time. Endless mode was also fun, teamwork being essential again seemed to resonate with my friends. I can’t say much with this as well, I had limited time to play with buddies.

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Overall, this is a must buy in my opinion. It is a blast to play, has lots of modes, and supports up to 5 players. (which I really want to try) It has customization, action, and teamwork all in one. Pick this up, it’ll be worth it.

Highly Recommended

Reviewed on the Nintendo Switch, review copy provided by aPriori Digital