aPriori Digital Interview- Aperion Cyberstorm

I recently interviewed aPriori Digital about their game, Aperion Cyberstorm.

Interview done by Jack Bankhead and aPriori Digital.

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When did development start?

We think we was early 2014 as we started to prototype the idea and have been working on it most of the time whilst juggling other freelance games.

What were your inspirations?

Well we have a quite a few different games we put into the pot when making Aperion Cyberstorm, I’ll list the main ones:

Super Metroid – This was a huge inspiration for the style of the levels detail as I remember when I was about 8 and saw my friends bigger brother play Super Metroid on the SNES and being mesmerised by the levels and ambient feel it had created.

Towerfall –this was the game we would crack out at the end of the working week and battle against each other to be the last alive! It had great versus modes and allowed for custom games and all sorts of weird and wonderful outcomes same as Smash bros really.

DoDonPachi series: This series of games are very traditional vertical shooters in which crazy bullet patterns and energic soundtrack and sound effects make these games arcade gold! We love the craziness and style the games a lot and has been inspiration in some of the harder levels in Aperion.

What prompted the addition of the Nintendo Switch in your development?

We had been on the Wii U developer program for a while and we really wanted to bring the game to Switch once we had seen the announcement! We went to EGX Rezzed 2017 and met with a Nintendo representative to talk about the game and its progress and to my surprise we were invited into the Switch development program!

We also saw that the console had a lot of attention and had a library of games that would help it succeed, so it felt the natural thing to include it in the mix!

Do you have anything you wanted to include in the game, but decided not to?

There were many different things that were planned but didn’t make it such as back tracking through levels but we found players got lost and were repeating levels which felt annoying. We have lots of abilities, versus maps and side-line story that we have in the pipeline so they may make an appearance at some point, as well as a guest appearance from fellow Nindie friends of ours!

Who is the composer of the music, and what was his/her inspiration?

His name is KCS and he is a friend of one of the team who made music and he sent over some work he had made it just fitted perfectly. When we talked about new tracks for the game we wanted the music to be high energy and energetic but also work if repeated as to not get annoying. We think he did a great job on the music for the game, and I especially love the menu music (that sounds like a love child of Metroid prime).

How is developing for the Wii U compared to the Switch?

I can’t go into great detail but the Switch is great to develop for and Nintendo have thought about how smaller developers will use the development units for practical uses. The Wii U is more like ‘Traditional’ console development and requires more hardcore PC skills to get the thing to do anything haha. The game is made in Unity and both consoles are fairly happy with that which has been great!

What do you want players to know before they buy the game on February 8th?

Wow that’s a good question! The main thing would be that the game is 1-5 players and therefore can be enjoyed in all modes with 1 player but can also play all modes with up to 5 people. There are lots of modes to keep players busy so come and check it out for some great twin-stick action ^^

I’d like to thank aPriori Digital for taking their time to interview me! Check out Aperion Cyberstorm when it releases on February 8th!