Battle Chef Brigade Review- Cooking up Magic

Reviewed by Jack Bankhead

The Nintendo Switch is becoming home to many RPG’s. Some are regular old school types, others are new and exciting. Battle Chef Brigade is new, exciting, and fresh, for sure. It has amazing art, voice acting, gameplay, and music. Why so?


The game’s story involves Mina, and her quest to become a Battle Chef.  (and another character’s.) To do that, she must run away from home and apply to a set of competitions deciding who will become a Battle Chef, and join the titular Battle Chef Brigade! It’s not so simple, as there will be many set backs.


The gameplay is a mix of puzzle, RPG, and cooking. This game is self described as “fantasy Iron Chef”. After the timer goes off, you, the player, run out and fight monsters. This is to gather ingredients, which you will take back after reaching capacity, run back again, or cook them. In the cooking part of this game, it is a match 3 type thing where the player must connect 3 of the same color orb and join them into one. After doing that, a dish will be created and have a different score based on the quality of ingredients and how well it was mixed. The judges can take or add points based on theme and type of meal each judge likes.


The art is amazing. It is all hand drawn by an artist who spent a long time working on these drawings, and then animated by the team. The art and animation is full of life, charm, and personality. Each character is distinct, lovable in design, character, and voice acting. The sound is amazing, too. The music is spectacular and deserves to be listened to on its own. The voice acting is superb, with characters not being annoying sounding but believable.


The combat is fun. It involves magic, beating up monsters, and collecting stuff. The combat has an interesting rhythm that isn’t forced, but isn’t regular. It still becomes natural, though. There’s magic, like the character can create whirlwinds and throw knives and such. Collecting ingredients is fun, seeing how they react to the environment is even better.


The cooking is even more complex. The match three has you rotate orbs in a clockwise or counter-clockwise manner to try and match them. There’s modifiers, such as breaking orbs, rainbow orbs, bones that become rainbow orbs, etc… It makes it so you have to think sometimes about the way you are mixing things together. When you create them, different dishes are created that have different properties, with varying points. Getting on theme and the element each judge likes helps your point situation a lot more.


This game is really good. It’s out on Switch and Steam right now, it’s worth it. Get it now. You’re missing out on one of the best 2017 games if you don’t. This game has tons of charm, quality, and fun to be worth your while.

Highly Recommended

Reviewed on Nintendo Switch, not provided by Adult Swim Games