Bleed 2 Switch Review- Minimal Bleeding

Review by Jack Bankhead

Game provided by publisher

Bleed 2 is a really cool game. It’s full of everything you’d want in an action game- no filler, cool and unique boss fights, tons of projectiles, and slowing down time. There’s more, but there’s a ton more. The game is pixelated, but it’s stylized enough that it still looks fluid. It’s super fast, and you really won’t want to blink. But under all of that lies a problem, it’s really short. Even if you play it multiple times. With co-op it lasts much longer, but not enough.

This game has zero filler. After a small portion of a level, I went through maybe 5 boss fights, then a small portion of level, then more boss fights. This creates an exciting feeling when playing, creating a sense of accomplishment. However, there’s a small drawback- this creates less content. More level would have been welcome in my opinion. I enjoyed the regular sections, actually. Even some more level wouldn’t take from the feeling of no filler.

Wryn (the protagonist) has a unique control scheme. Being a super hero, she can triple jump and control the direction of said jumps. She can slow down time with the push of a button, and can fire endless bullets, plus deflect attacks and clear paths with her katana. This allows for a lot of cool tricks and ways to dodge attacks and fight through boss fights.

The boss fights are all uniquely designed. I was always on my toes, as there weren’t any gimmicks repeated. There was even a zero gravity section that shook some mechanics up.

There’s co-op in all modes. This is a really fun addition, as the game screams co-op. On the Switch, it’s even better. In the Endless mode, it’s even better! The random level design allows for a fun multiplayer experience. There’s arcade mode, but I really suck at it. There’s multiple modes, but it still doesn’t add enough length. The game is well polished, exciting, and fun, but it’s too short. For a price, it’s definitely too short. I recommend this game a lot when it is on sale.


Reviewed on the Nintendo Switch, provided by Digerati Digital