Bombslinger Review- Only One Can Remain in this Town

Review by Jack Bankhead

Game Provided by Publisher


Is it possible to get every genre into a roguelike? You’ve got almost everything you could want in that category. Enter a new challenger. Take the gameplay of Bomberman, and cross that with a roguelike. That’s Bombslinger. With an engaging main mode topped off with multiplayer, you can’t go wrong with Bombslinger.

Your wife was killed, and your ranch is in flames. Bombslinger puts you looking for vengeance. Setting out for vengeance isn’t always easy, though. It’ll take multiple attempts at your vengeance to make it work. The nature of the game is a rogeulike, when you die, you start over from the beginning. However, you don’t make a “progress” throughout the game, you may get a nice item, otherwise, dying isn’t very harsh. Learning from your mistakes always helps in these games.

As the titular Bombslinger, you will drop bombs, destroy enemies, and try not to get caught in the process. Bombs start out by exploding in four directions, up, down, left and right. Use it wisely to clear obstacles. defeat enemies, and not blow up yourself. You start with 3 hearts, and while you can get more, it’s very hard to replenish health. Being careful is the main objective here. The player, enemies, and bombs work on a grid, you can only move in four directions, and the bombs explode in 4. Same with enemies (except bosses). Each level is randomly generated, so it is never the same.

Bosses are really freaking hard. It took me a couple of hours to get past the first, then even more for the second. They can move in directions that are not your typical grid system, so again, being careful is important. There is a levelling up system so when you defeat enemies, you can gain a perk. Perks can be faster speed, more bombs, longer range of bomb explosions, and more. This adds a nice little touch to the overall game. Another nice touch is the multiplayer mode. It would definitely not be complete without a multiplayer mode, as is the gameplay. While not super deep and engrossing, it gets the job done.

Overall, Bombslinger is a solid roguelike game mixed with Bomberman gameplay. It’s along the vein of Gungeon, Steredenn, and Flinthook, but definitely sets itself apart from those. A great game that you’ll likely spend a lot of time on, pick up Bombslinger sometime. You won’t be disappointed.

Very Recommended

Reviewed on the Nintendo Switch, provided by Mode 4.