Brawlout Review- No Hits, Just Miss

Review by Jack Bankhead

Brawlout has potential. Like, a really shining glimpse of its potential. Sadly, it is not reached. It has so, so many good mechanics, hindered by a few things. The obvious, glaring one is the collision. Its awful. Is it awful in all of its entirety? Not quite…

Brawlout is a platforming fighting game, meaning you jump around and fight your opponents. Brawlout is accessible in this sense, a button jumps, two buttons punch and kick, and two dodge. The object is to make the other players fall into the pits, until someone wins. My friends were able to jump right in, but quickly noticed how buggy it is. Very buggy. In fact, we all noticed that someone should’ve won a round but there were complications that made someone else win on accident. Answer: buggy collision.

It is a fun game, but the collision takes out most of the fun. Many a time an enemy caught me in a loop where I can’t move, and they keep punching me or something, and it keeps going until I fall off the ledge. This is frustrating, and it is frustrating for friends as well. If this simple thing was fixed, it would made it an enjoyable game.

The game is still fun, however. My friends and I can enjoy it, but in very short intervals. Long play, or even 30 minutes makes it frustrating. There’s incentives for playing, though. There’s a store where you can get new fighters, skins, and emotes. If you level up your characters enough you unlock a stage. For me, it is even more frustrating that I have to play a broken game a ton to unlock simple things like stages.

There’s online, and it has serious problems. Every match I played , with perfect wifi bars, was slow, and almost would disconnect. Why? I dunno, I don’t think that many people have bad wifi on their end. I believe it has to do with the actual game being poorly built on that end.

I want to love Brawlout so badly, but there’s glaring problems. It’s a mess that can be cleaned up. I recommend it if, and only if it can be fixed. If fixed, I’ll update my review. But for now, I cannot love this game, and I cannot recommend it.


Not Recommended

Reviewed on Nintendo Switch, not provided by Angry Mob games.