Cat Quest Review- Who Let the Cats Out?

Reviewed by Jack Bankhead

Cat Quest is a game where the developers The Gentlebros spent a ton of time trying to figure out what type of game it would be. After trying many different types of genres, art styles, etc… The Gentlebros decided on a 2D RPG. Does it live up to the time they spent? Yes, it does!

Cat Quest is presented in an overhead perspective, on an open world map. The hero cat will travel across this world, fighting monsters, solving people’s problems, all in the name of finding his lost sister. It does, thankfully, become more complicated than that. Combat, art, story, music, and exploring are really, really good in this game.

Combat is an action RPG with magic, weapons, and rolling. It’s super simple, but still engaging. When being attacked, you can dodge out of the way and come back to attack, or perhaps stay out of the way with magic. Whatever the case, the combat is, simply simple. Magic comes in a few different forms, like ice, lighting, fire, healing, star magic, and making yourself bigger. This shakes things up, as some enemies are weak to magic, while others aren’t.

The art is amazing. It’s super cute, and easy to recognize. This makes the monsters feel memorable, and even some of the characters. The art almost was 3D, but the 2D looks crisp and amazing. The music, while not many, is good, orchestral, and memorable. Some are very epic, some are lighthearted, while others are serious. Very good music.

There are lots of dungeons in this game, very simple dungeons, but they have treasure and such. It is a challenge in these dungeons if you are at the level of the dungeon, requiring you to give your attention to what’s going on. There is one type of treasure chest that can only be opened if you do a quest with the cat-ified developers. This is the good stuff. Some of the weapons and armor are funny, others are really freaking cool, with a balance between armor, health, magic, and attack. One may reduce your health, but give you tons of magic and attack.

The game is full of cat puns. A lot. There’s TV show references, actually well thought out cat puns, and more. Down to the lingo of the characters will you find cat puns. It adds to the overall lightheartedness, which is the game’s strong point.

The game is good. Do get it! It’ll be worth your time to experience the art, combat, music, and cat puns. If it’s on sale, definitely pick it up, if not, just pick it up. It’s one of the best indie games of 2017.

Very Recommended

Reviewed on Nintendo Switch, not provided by PQube.