Collidalot for the Nintendo Switch Review- Rail Grinding in the Wasteland

Collidalot for the Nintendo Switch

Collidalot is a party game for those who like skill and precision in their games- while being accessible. It’s also for those who want a little bit of action in a small amount of time. Although there is no single player campaign, the bots are smart enough to beat you and surprise you. The one improvement I could suggest for Collidalot could use some Hollywood style effects to make matches more exciting for those playing with you!

The game features scrappy looking ships grinding on rails, hopping back and forth on said rails, then boosting into other ships into traps and hazards to blow them up. Combine this with four player local multiplayer, and you’ve got yourself a possible go-to party game on the Switch! Lots of stages, modifiers, and a fair amount of modes are included. I just wish more ships were ready at launch.

A Little Bit of Splatoon

Now, Collidalot isn’t much like Splatoon, but there is a color territory aspect in there. If you’re playing a certain mode, I forget the name at time of publication, the win is based on who painted the most rails with their color. My favorite mode is the Tournament. That way, I only have to kill to win. What the paint does is it affects your ability meter. When it is filled up enough, you can use your Glory Dash or Glory Ability. Use these to your advantage- the advantage of blowing up your enemies!

Party of One

Collidalot is at its best when played with friends. That doesn’t stop it from being fun by itself, though! There is no single player campaign, but there are bots. Bots are competent enough for single player play. I will warn you though, do not buy this for single player. Buy it for multiplayer. If Grunka Munka Games adds a single player campaign, then I’d absolutely recommend it for single player.

Bots are Fun!

In Collidalot, the bots are good competitors against humans. I still have trouble beating the bots on regular difficulty. The thought of a Veteran AI scares me at this point. The other nice thing is that the bots also do dumb things like the humans, like dashing into spikes themselves. This isn’t often, but its enough that they don’t feel unbeatable.

Accessibility: Just what friends need!

At first Collidalot seems overwhelming. It uses more than a few buttons on the controller, (which is odd for most competitive multiplayer games) but then each function becomes clear- jumping rails with Y, boosting with X, paint bombing with L, and staying on rails with R. (A and B are Glory Specials) This is imperative for any multiplayer game- accessibility. My friends were able to get the game pretty quickly. Quickly, we were waging war in the Wastelands.

The Specifics

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering about the graphics. The graphics use a 3D cel-shaded style. In Collidalot, the angle of view is top-down, making it hard to notice the game is in 3D. After a while though, it’s noticeable and I appreciate the effort into making it, the game looks so much cooler with it.

Sound wise, the game is ok. There was nothing special or particularly catchy in my opinion. As for load times, they could use some work. The times were never any longer than about 30 seconds.

Some Suggestions

Collidalot is fun with friends. My only gripe was that the matches weren’t exciting enough. I feel some zoom-ins and screen shakes would help the game become more exciting for those playing. Other than that, I think Collidalot is great fun. Also, as noted, a single player campaign would be greatly appreciated.


Collidalot is an ideal party game for those who like unique battle games. It has a slick graphical style and has plenty of stages and content- with more to come. Although it is primarily a multiplayer game, if you decide it to play yourself against bots you won’t be disappointed.

Highly Recommended

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Reviewed by Jack Bankhead on the Nintendo Switch, game provided by Grunka Munka Games