Cosmic Star Heroine for the Nintendo Switch Review: Chrono Star Heroine Trigger

Cosmic Star Heroine for the Nintendo Switch Review

Chrono Trigger is one of the most influential games ever. Not just the nineties, but even today. Its design over other JRPGs at the time was more accessible and engaging, modern while retaining the classic JRPG feel. Cosmic Star Heroine shoots for that while expanding on the accessibility even further. If you never have time for an RPG  but you’re itching to play one, Cosmic Star Heroine is a heaven sent gift.

The developers at Zeboyd Games are known for their hilarious works such as Breath of Death and Cthulu Saves the World. Their latest work, Cosmic Star Heroine takes a ton of inspiration from Chrono Trigger down to the graphical style, yet it develops its own identity. Battle system is enjoyable and quick, the story is quick (but that also leads to a pitfall) and the fact that you can save anywhere is a godsend.

The story follows Alyssa, a member of a intergalactic special agent organization. After discovering the boss of the organization is plotting mind control, Alyssa and her group of rogue agents set out to save the galaxy.

The combat system is heavily inspired by Chrono Trigger. Battles take place in the same environment that you were in, without any transition. Battles are also turn based, and with each command the character will move to attack. Cosmic Star Heroine deals with the typical “special points/magic points” differently. Most attacks can only be used once and recharge after defending. With Style, your attacks increase in power. The system is to the point and quick, without super complex nuances.

The story is what can only be described as “brisk”. The plot plays out very quickly, with little time to breathe. This is a blessing and a curse. With its pace, you can feel accomplished in a shorter amount of time. The game isn’t super long (12-15 hours) but its length is fair. Alas, with a brisk pace the writing can become skimpy. Due to spoilers, I won’t give specifics but some choices of the characters were questionable, some plot points felt rushed, and other times the characters didn’t feel three-dimensional, rather flat.

The ability to save anywhere at almost any time is literally one of Cosmic Star Heroine’s best points. It makes the game a very pick up and play game, compared to the typical RPG. For those of us who don’t have hours upon hours to play an RPG where you don’t save often, this is literally an amazing feature.

Cosmic Star Heroine is also quite humorous. The jokes are very clean, and poke fun at science fiction conventions and tropes. I often found myself laughing at the comments each NPC make, and wondering just how clever the writer is.

The music in Cosmic Star Heroine is probably some of the best I’ve heard in a game. Catchy, exciting tunes to tap your foot to, and eerie, dark tracks that are actually creepy.

Cosmic Star Heroine is an incredible effort from Zeboyd Games. The battle system is enjoyable. Music is incredible. Saving anywhere is a thoughtful addition, but the brisk plot, while executed well in most parts, has issues in the plot that likely stem from the pace. Still, for the price you can’t go wrong with Cosmic Star Heroine.

Very Recommended

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Reviewed by Jack Bankhead on the Nintendo Switch. Provided by Limited Run Games