Crawl Review- Only One Escapes Alive

Review by Jack Bankhead

Local mutliplayer games are simply fun. When I can finally get some friends together to play a game that I can’t online, it becomes absolutely rewarding. Few games can capture all of the players’s attention, but some can. Crawl is one that engages all players in a semi cooperative, semi versus type of game. And it’s great to play with friends.


The game is presented in an almost 8 bit style, a little more, maybe, with a creepy theme going around. The game starts with a static-y screen, with a foreboding narrator. You then pick your name, add players, pick a deity to worship, then you start. In the very beginning, all the players fight to the death. Last one standing stays alive, and begins the game fully.


Once playing, the players that died become ghosts that can possess traps and become monsters. These players have one goal- kill the player who is alive to become alive. Only one player can do this at a time, making it an awesome, more complex game of tag. The goal for the person alive is to reach level 10 and fight the final boss- and win. My friends were freaking out trying to stay alive while killing me. I am more skilled, however, easily beating the boss and reaching salvation. It works so well as a multiplayer game!


The way to become stronger for the player who is alive are the shops, they have weapons, spells, and potions for the player. The currency for the player is gold. There are many types of weapons, many of which you have to unlock by playing multiple games. For the players who are ghosts, you can upgrade by gaining Wrath, a currency used to upgrade your monsters to become more threatening and stronger. This is done at the end of each round. I consider a unique balance to the shop.


The monsters play very differently, and are also very fun to play as. Each player has a chance to defeat the player alive, and plenty of those chances. There are spots for the players to become monsters, such as summoning circles and statues, traps such as pots and spikes.


The final bosses are not easy, and have unique ways to kill the player. The players have three chances to kill the final boss, so making each run count is imperative. The players who are ghosts can control each part of the boss, as the other players will want a shot at winning. If the player defeats the final boss, then that player wins!


This game is one of the best local multiplayer games you can get. If you have a Switch, definitely pick it up because of how easy it is to play with friends. If you have a PS4 or Xbox One, still get it because it’s simply one of the best party games out there. Your friends will thank you!

Highly Recommended

Reviewed on Nintendo Switch, not provided by Powerhoof