Deiland Review- Tiny Sphere of Life

Review by Jack Bankhead

Game provided by publisher

On the Playstation 4, there aren’t a lot of games like Animal Crossing. Obviously, Animal Crossing is a Nintendo IP, but it would be nice if there were more games like it on other systems. Enter: Deiland. Based around The Little Prince, Deiland is a magical little game that’s big on fun and depth. Charming art style, engaging gameplay, and the Animal Crossing vibe make Deiland a worthy addition to your PS4.

The game takes place on Deiland, a tiny planet owned by a young boy named Arco. Arco lives on Deiland, and cares for it. When Mun visits one day, Arco’s life becomes different. Now he cares for his tiny planet more than he did before, by learning how to craft and use other technologies. The game is on the little planet, but it is so much more than that. Deiland has a slow pace that is almost sure to entice you and charm you.

To collect food and other resources, Arco must wander the tiny planet, collecting resources and farming. With these resources, Arco can craft things such as a campfire, a well, and more. This process seems boring, but it is actually quite addicting. I spent a good two hours on my first play through just wandering and collecting, then crafting.

The characters are lovable, I loved Mun and Goliath as characters. The designs are great, too. Especially Arco’s design. Something about it screams “anime!” but at the same time it looks unique. That’s just me. The environments are spectacular, the grass looks beautiful, and the cel shading makes the design memorable. I love the overall design of Deiland.

There’s combat- occasionally some monsters will come and threaten Arco and his tiny planet, and Arco must fight these monsters. Combat is a simple action RPG style- nothing unique, but it is executed well. It definitely shakes up the formula quite a bit, so it isn’t always just exploration and crafting, there is some variety.

There are some other systems in Deiland. Like fishing! Fishing in video games is great, and here it is no exception. I spent about half an hour fishing in the little pond on the tiny planet. Fishing is fun!

After completing some tasks and fighting monsters, Arco can level up. There are various upgrades you can pick, and when you pick it artwork appears. Beautiful artwork, I may add. This system of leveling up adds more depth to Deiland, when it appears there is none. The RPG nature of Deiland is something worth your attention.

Deiland is a game the PS4 has needed. Beautiful design, Animal Crossing vibes, RPG elements, plus plenty of variety in the gameplay makes for a beautiful experience- one that Deiland provides. It’s 15 dollars on the PSN, and it may be worth every penny to you if you love life sims. If you don’t, it’s a great pick for those who want a more casual game with the depth of a “gamer” game. I love Deiland, and I hope you pick it up.

Very Recommended

Reviewed on the Playstation 4, provided by Chibig Games

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