Detroit Become Human Review for the PS4: A Story About Androids for Androids

Reviewed by Chuckles

Have you ever played a Telltale like game? A game where the gameplay consists of walking around, pressing buttons to make important choices, and full of quick time events? In most cases that’s all the gameplay these games contains, so naturally some would get bored with this “game.” Now, with all this rant about Telltale like games, let’s talk about a game that uses these functions to tell a rather interesting story. What game am I talking about? It’s the game about robot becoming alive, Detroit: Become Human.

Now since gameplay isn’t the key factor in this game, let’s talk about the story. While it is interesting, it’s mainly one of those “Robots are alive” type of games. It’s nothing new, but the ways you can make the story are interesting. With different routes to give each it unique, you essentially can get a semi-different story with each new game. The only way you can get the is if you do the same exact things with each run.

For this story you get 3 different characters, Connor, Markus, and Kara, who each have a different role. Connor is a prototype detective android assigned a task of finding deviants, androids who are “alive” so to speak. Markus is one of these deviants, except he wants to get equality for all androids. Kara is another deviant who wants to leave the country for Canada with a little girl named Alice. All the characters have some sort of growth and are enjoyable. This is good, even if the story feels just like a futuristic segregation scenario. There’s not much to say for each story line, mainly because it’s all based on how the player plays the game. If the player wants everyone to die, they can do that and enjoy as all the characters that die will stay dead. There’s not much else to say regarding story without going into spoiler territory, but in whatever case you do I can say that story is good.

Now while I would recommend Detroit for its story, I would say its gameplay is not for everyone. As mentioned earlier, there isn’t much gameplay besides from talking and quick time events. Even the quick time events aren’t difficult like they are in other games. Even the mode they have designed for a more gameplay like experience is still simple, as long as you have decent motor functions and can figure stuff out quickly.

Detroit: Become Human is a fine story, but it’s somewhat generic story and lack of fun gameplay left me bored when I wasn’t in important story parts. If you’re a gamer that would enjoy a good story while sacrificing gameplay, then this game is for you. If you are any other type of gamer that likes fun gameplay, then you can pass on Detroit.


Reviewed on the Playstation 4, not provided by Sony

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