E3 News Recap

E3 News all in one place, brought to you by AnyDay Reviews.


Multiplatform Games 6/10/18:


Tales of Vesperia for Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PC, and Playstation 4! REEEE! I love Tales games and you should too!

Jump Force for PS4, Xbox One, and PC looks pretty dope.

Just Cause 4 Another exciting one for me, I love Just Cause!

Metro Exodus Not my favorite, but some people are excited for it.


Devil May Cry 5 Dante is back!

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Cyberpunk 2077

The Division 2 




Electronic Arts Conference 6/9/18:

Anthem gameplay was shown off. Looking good, if I must say so.

Unravel Two and it’s not coming to Switch. Poo I say!

Battlefield V stuff it looks decent, in my opinion. What do you think?

A new Star Wars game I’m actually excited. Takes place between episodes III and IV.

Some other lame stuff. Way to lower the bar, EA!

From Xbox Conference 6/10/18:

New Halo game Halo Infinite was teased. Possibly open world judging by the teaser.

Gears of War 5 a brand new entry in the beloved series.

Forza Horizon 4 Taking place in Britain rather than Australia, promising great multiplayer and dynamic seasons.

Nier Automata the amazing action game now coming to the Xbox One!

Cool indie games: I love indies, in case you can’t tell!

New Cuphead and Sea of Thieves Content!

 Kingdom Hearts III is also coming to Xbox! Who would’ve thought?

Battle Toads what the heck? Who cares, though?

Bethesda Conference 6/10/18:


Rage 2 Gameplay and Release Window Rage 2 looks crazy! Coming Spring 2019


Elder Scrolls Legends is getting an overhaul and coming to consoles, including Nintendo Switch Looks like a neat card game. Will you be getting it on consoles?


Doom Eternal a Doom (2016) sequel, more to be revealed later.

Prey Mooncrash looks interesting, a roguelike FPS, but not an indie?



Starfield what could this be?

Fallout 76 coming November 14th 2018 looks amazing!


ELDER SCROLLS VI oh my gosh. The new Elder Scrolls!!!

Fallout Shelter on Switch pretty interesting, was hoping to see more support from Bethesda with bigger games. Oh well.

Square Enix Conference: 6/11/18 

what even was that


Limited Run Conference 6/11/18:


Golf Story Physical for Nintendo Switch

Iconoclasts Physical for Vita and Playstation 4

Observer Physical for Playstation 4

Layers of Fear Legacy Physical for the Nintendo Switch

Thumper Switch and PS4 Physical Release

This weird visual novel for PS4 and Vita

2064 Read Only Memories physical for Vita

VA-11 HALL-A Physical for the Vita

Senran Kagura Bon Appetite! for the Vita physical

Oceanhorn Physical for the Nintendo Switch

Cosmic Star Heroine for the Nintendo Switch!!!

Yooka-Laylee Physical for the Nintendo Switch

Spelunky Physical for Vita and PS4

Exiles End Physical

Phantom Breakers BattleGrounds PS4 and Vita physical

Salt and Sanctuary Physical

Dust: An Elysian Trail for the Nintendo Switch!


Ubisoft Conference: 6/11/18


Trials Rising for Switch, Xbox One and Playstation 4

Beyond Good and Evil 2 

Just Dance 2019 I don’t feel like showing a video. It was weird.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey reinventing Assassin’s Creed!

Space Junkies for VR

Starlink Battle for Atlas

Star Fox in Starlink!

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle DK DLC coming June 26th!

Skull and Bones

Transference watch out, this one’s creepy!


Sony Presentation 6/11/18

Resident Evil 2

Control also coming to Xbox One and PC


Ghost of Tsushima

Death Stranding

Spider Man


Nintendo Presentation 6/12/18


Overcooked 2 

Fortnite out now!

Fire Emblem Three Houses out Spring 2019

Killer Queen Black out 2018

Hollow Knight out today

Smash Bros coming December 7th

Super Mario Party coming October 5th


Dragon Ball FighterZ




Sega Stuff

Team Sonic Racing Crush 40 is back! Racing is cool, too.

Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise for PS4 cool!

Tons of PC stuff most new Sega games are coming to PC.