Earth Wars- Save the Earth and Buy This!

Written by Jack Bankhead

Never have I bought a game for a couple bucks and get a buncha content out of it. That has changed, with Earth Wars for the Nintendo Switch. This game is gold, especially for the price. I dunno if it’s an early buyer’s special, or what, but it cost me less than 5 bucks. I would have paid more.

The game involves a group of super soldiers fused with alien powers in their armor to make them able to fight against the alien menace, to take back the Earth (hence the name, Earth Wars) The story has these soldiers try to take back the United States from the aliens. The way you’ll do it is a fun, exciting, and challenging combat system.

The combat is simple, but not repetitive or boring. It is a sidescroller, so the player deals with two-dimensions, which affects the way battles are done. Y is the regular attack, X is the gun or special attack (depending on weapon) B is jump, and ZR is dash. These create easy to understand, but definitely master-able techniques arise from it. This makes the combat exciting, and even epic.

The art style is something to talk about. While it is definitely off-putting to some, it grows on you. I love it. It’s based off manga art, which is not always quite anime. Not youthful at all, is how I’d describe it. My character grew on me as well. You create a character in the beginning with different head, voice, and gender. You can then, in the game, customize your character with armor, weapons, and accessories. Like a particular weapon? Upgrade it! Don’t like one? Sell it for energy! It is a good balance, in my opinion, between crafting, upgrading, and destroying.

There is a skilltree. It is actually meaningful. As you use a weapon, or do well on missions, you can upgrade your character via the skill tree. To get more slots, you simply pick up the blue orbs on your missions. With the skill tree, you can add more attack power, add more defense, or even new skills like dashing for your character.

There’s voice acting! It is still in Japanese, but it won’t bother you, because does anyone like English Dubs, anyways? (Just kidding!) It’s particularly good. The music is almost non-existent, there’s just ambient music for most of the game.

Get this game. It’s really cheap, but it’s full of content, style, fun, and charm. It has actually become another one of Must Buys on my list of recommendations!  Go save the Earth and buy it!

Highly Recommended

Reviewed on Nintendo Switch, not provided by publisher