Eekeemoo – Splinters of The Dark Shard Review – Wait There’s a Dark Shard?

Eekeemoo – Splinters of The Dark Shard for Nintendo Switch

Eekeemoo could have been great. It should have been great. The idea of it is still interesting, but unfortunately, the game simply did not reach expectations.

The starheart has been stolen, and your friends have been kidnapped. Supposedly, the missing starheart must be recovered before Eekeemoo loses their power. Eekeemoo, armed with two swords and a talking mushroom guide, sets off on his journey. Each character has a regular and special attack/ability, and the enemies you encounter have basic attacks, mainly just whacking you. A flash of red appears whenever damage is taken, whether it’s you or your enemies. When you die with no party members left, you must restart the entire level. No checkpoints whatsoever, and it only saves in between levels.


The character designs, though a little peculiar, is somewhat appealing to me. The heroes are friendly looking, while the enemies are a bit more creepy and strange looking. The names are weird though, and I’ve only got Eekeemoo and Yum Yum, and I’m attempting to save Nim. Absolutely no clue on what Dbot looks like though.


In this game, the graphics are mediocre, as well as the music. It’s got a dark theme to it, but it looks too dark, especially in the beginning forest levels. All the enemies love to quickly swarm you, and even though Eekeemoo has a shield, switching from weapons to shield takes too long to avoid a ton of damage. When he attacks with his bat, half the time it looks like he swung it halfway, and you’re not sure if he hit anything or not.

Enemy spawners take the form of skull-shaped rocks with a purple glow within. They seemingly endlessly spawn in enemies, and there’s no way to tell when all the enemies have been defeated. The spawner gives no indication of how many enemies, how long, or when it’s done. The number of enemies spawned in some levels is excessive to the point of being unable to continue, because Yum Yum, though powerful, and Eekeemoo, even with his shield, are quickly overwhelmed.

The area changes are drastic; it goes from spooky forest to flaming volcano. The enemies are the exact same, just different colored and their heads are spiky now. Oh yeah, and now there’s a ton more at each spawner.

Absolutely nothing is explained, or if it is, it’s not in an engaging way. There aren’t any cutscenes nor backstory. What is the starheart? Why is it important? Who stole it? How were your friends kidnapped? And what is the “Dark Shard” thing about? You just don’t know. The beginning of each level has a pictures-with-words screen, which is how you’re told the starheart is stolen, and your friends kidnapped. The only “Dark Shard” related thing I could find was a literal shard of darkness collectible thing in some levels. It’s rather boring, and confusing.

Eekeemoo had a lot of potential, that just wasn’t used. It could have been a really interesting, and really great game. It simply feels unfinished and incomplete. I really believe that if all its ideas were fully fleshed out, a few things tweaked, and everything fixed up and polished, that this review of it would be much different. Sadly, this is how it is.

Not Recommended

Reviewed by BifftheWizard on the Nintendo Switch. Game provided by Cogg Games Ltd.