Element for the Nintendo Switch Review: An Element of Strategy

Element for the Nintendo Switch Review

Element has an intriguing premise: real time strategy that’s meant to be played in quick bursts. Is that balance possible? The team at Flightless made the game all the way from New Zealand! With a beautiful art style, amazing strategy, and quick, fun, thoughtful bursts of play, the only reason I can’t recommend Element even more is the lack of multiplayer.

The premise is beautiful for those of you who don’t have copious amounts of time to spend: real time strategy that’s easily played in quick, fast bursts. The other beautiful thing? It works. The amount of strategy is incredible.

The objective is to destroy the enemy base. To do that, you need to gather resources, protect your base, and shoot missiles at the enemy base! It’s not quite simple as one-two-three, however. The enemy AI is smart, very smart. They might start building around your base, catching you off guard! The AI might send attack satellites or shoot down your missiles. No matter what happens, you just gotta outsmart the AI.

The art style is one of my recent favorites. A low poly design, but with beautiful colors. Very simplistic. I enjoy it very much. Graphics are also easy on the eyes. Sound is mostly ambient, but the sounds of explosions are incredibly satisfying.

There’s another layer of strategy that involves air, earth and water. Depending on where you place your defenses, offenses, and resources, there will be different advantages and disadvantages. As I’ve said before, strategy in Element is excellent.

Because of the quick, short bursts, Element is perfect for the Nintendo Switch. It’s easy to get in, finish a round and be done. There’s one problem I have with Element. While not every game needs multiplayer, Element screams multiplayer. After completing the campaign, it’s fun to go back and do them again! My problem is that it would make sense to have local splitscreen multiplayer. See who is smarter! Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem this isn’t an option. It doesn’t detract, but it does leave a taste. A taste of wanting more from Element.

Element is excellent. Visuals I’d call gorgeous. Bite-sized strategy that screams “Nintendo Switch”. Challenging thought provoking strategy at that! The price of admission ($12 USD) is definitely worth the price. My only wish was that there was local multiplayer to challenge friends in. Element, however, is one of the best strategy games I’ve played ever.

Highly Recommended

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Review by Jack Bankhead, reviewed on the Nintendo Switch. Game provided by Flightless.