Eternal Edge Review- Emphasis on the Edge

Review by Jack Bankhead

Game provided by publisher

The classic tale of good triumphing over evil is an appealing tale. However, it gets old quick, especially in role playing games. Eternal Edge shakes that up, but the rest of the game is very rough around the edges- keeping it from its full potential. Featuring an interesting story, local multiplayer, and an open world, Eternal Edge has a lot to love but has so much to hate. Why? It’s just so rough.

I won’t go into details about story for a spoiler-free review, but it is rather fascinating. It shakes up the typical fantasy RPG story enough that it’s interesting, but not something so unique you’ll take something out of it. The world consists of different areas and races of enemies, which you must take on to reach the final boss. The landscape is also interesting, while definitely rough the foundation is in place to look absolutely beautiful. Basically, it looks nice in areas, but in others, not so much. A little more time would have worked well for it.

Combat is simple. The game is an action RPG, so it is in real time, so pause if you need to go do something. It is a simple system, there is buttons for magic, attacking, and special attack. You can equip a shield, which can break if over used. Combat wasn’t particularly fun or engaging, but it does its job quite well. I only wish locking on would do more than just show health and name of an enemy.

Loading times are hideous in this game. They’re very distracting. I can get a snack in my kitchen and come back to my game room and still it’s not done. Textures and graphics pop in and out, and camera is a little glitchy. If there was a month or two more of development, I think it could be quite stable I don’t know though, but I still wish that stability could be there.

There are top down dungeons that are fun, but not much more than that. It gives a little more variety in this game. There are little events with white borders that start after entering the borders. They usually involve fighting enemies, not much else. The variety of the game is minimal, but the combat being simple, with there being simple objectives, ultimately the game tends to be simple.

Local multiplayer is a really cool inclusion. Most full length RPG’s don’t have this feature, so there’s a lot of good points I’ll add here- It works, it’s fun, and not glitchy. In fact, it’s useful to have a friend or three to help you out on your adventure. Props to the devs!

Overall, there’s a lot to love about Eternal Edge, but there’s a lot to groan about too. Slight technical issues, simple combat and exploration, and a somewhat engaging story make this an average RPG, but if you have friends, the local multiplayer makes this totally worth it, but only if you can convince your friends to play it.


Reviewed on the Nintendo Switch, provided by Righteous Weasel Games