Fallen Legion Rise to Glory Review- Complex Story, Mechanics, and Recommendation

Reviewed by Jack Bankhead

Game provided by publisher

Something about medieval RPGs just enchant us. Swords and magic have been capturing the minds and imaginations of many before us, and likely will for the future. However, in recent years, role playing games haven’t been as inventive as they could be. Whether the setting, battle system, or other mechanics, many have stuck with the Chosen One story and regular turn based battles. Fallen Legion however, puts a spin on all of these things, making for a unique JRPG experience that may be worth jumping into. While the battle system may take some getting used to, the story examining  both sides of the conflict and the satisfaction of getting used to said battle system will be worth your buy- but only if you can get past the voice acting.

The game has hand drawn anime-styled visuals, in a 2D sidescrolling perspective. The art is pretty, but sometimes, the backgrounds get a little repetitive. Character and monster art, though, is spectacular. With fluid animations, you can tell the developer YummyYummyTummy put a ton of work into the art of Fallen Legion. As for sound… Sound is decent for music and other effects. For voice acting in Fallen Legion, it could use some work. Despite the talents behind the voice acting of Fallen Legion, it sounds obnoxious and not pleasing. The Japanese voice overs are better, but not by much in my opinion. That’s not enough to detract me from Fallen Legion, though.

The story in Fallen Legion is a neat one. A lot of work has been put into this pseudo-Roman world, but it would often help if I knew what everything meant. There are two “games” in Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory, the game consists of Sins of an Empire and Flames of Rebellion. One follows the now-empress Cecille in her quest to bring stability to the empire, the other follows Legatus Laendur who is attempting to overthrow the Empire. While similar gameplay wise, the stories bring a unique perspective in story for gaming as a whole, most stories are very one sided, but Fallen Legion isn’t. It creates an attachment to the plot and characters, as you can relate to the characters more with both sides of a story.

The actual writing of Fallen Legion could use some explanation, as it feels I’ve been thrown straight into the story. Some moments move too quickly for me, and other moments were trying to be funny, when I did not find them funny. But overall, the writing of Fallen Legion is exceptional because of the plot and characters.

The battle system of Fallen Legion is a little demanding, but in the end, satisfying. In a nutshell, one button makes one of your heroes attack. You can cleverly chain them and time them so you can block and find an opening on the enemies. While not quite an action RPG, the system is very dynamic and quick. On top of the attacks, you can make your heroes block attacks. Getting it perfect can deflect an attack, adding to your edge in battle. Finally, the X button will do actions from the main character’s end, such as a powerful magic attack, healing, or reviving of teammates.

The game is separated in levels. After each level, you can replay them or continue on. There is a grade for each level, so shoot for the best score you can get! Of course, if you’re only here for the story, then continue on! During each level in between battles, there are decisions you have to make. While not all affect the story on a large scale, they give you a different perk during battles. Sometimes, the decision will affect the overall story. Pay attention even when not battling!

Fallen Legion has an excellent story, a battle system that is as rewarding as it is complex, and beautiful art. You’ll get a good amount of hours in this, especially with the replayability. It’s up to you if it’ll be worth the $40 though, but if you see yourself fancying a good story, and a different battle system, you may find value in Fallen Legion.

Very Recommended

Reviewed on the Nintendo Switch, provided by NISAmerica

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