Fight Of Gods Review for the Nintendo Switch: Gods and Glory, Plus Fist Fighting

Fight of Gods for the Nintendo Switch

Tell me, do you like fighting games? Do you love the myths surrounding ancient gods of old and new? Well let me be the first to say that such a game exist. Called Fight Of Gods, this fighting game lets you punch Zeus as Jesus or everyone’s favorite jolly old elf, Santa. But does it make this game worthwhile?

Since the game is based off of gods, let’s talk about the roster of fighters for this game. For a game based off of gods and such, it’s roster is extremely small. You would think that since it’s a game about gods they would have more, but nope, just 13 gods and goddesses. That’s only a small gripe though, as most of the gods they have are well known, and the designs are done well enough to make them feel like the god they are based off of.

Along with these gods come the fighting part of this game, which is well done. Each god has the standard light, medium, and heavy attack, a grab, three special attacks exclusive to each one, and a divine power that can be used to decimate your enemies. Simple enough right? Correct. But that doesn’t mean it’s a bad game.

Fight of Gods is surprisingly well done when it comes to combat, as it is as fluid as water Fight of Gods gives the same amount of joy as a water-slide. Combos can also be implemented, which gives the player the ability to feel like a pro. Grabs are an issue though. When backed into a corner, most grabs in fighting games will often force a player to move the opponent out of the corner, making things fair and even. However, Fight of Gods doesn’t have this type of grab, meaning that a extremely skilled player can easily keep the opponent into a corner the entire match. This can be a problem, however considering the rest of the abilities each god has at their disposal I can overlook it as a small issue.

While the game play is fine, one big issue that i have with the game is its animation. While not a big issue for some, the animation is not as smooth as the combat, which is off putting to me. However, i can forgive it since the music and backgrounds are well done.

Fight of Gods proves to holds its ground as a fighter, but has slight issues with its animation and some of its combat mechanics. Considering it’s almost $12 price tag though, I would highly recommend that you get it if you want to play something like Mortal Kombat but don’t have the cash for one of the new ones. It’s cheap, feels nice, and let’s you play a variety of characters from famous religions around the world. When you get a game that lets you punch other gods in the face as Santa, I would recommend you take that chance to get it.

Highly Recommended

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Reviewed by Chuckles on the Nintendo Switch, game provided by Digital Crafter.