Flinthook Review- Hooked on a Feeling of Addiction

Review by Jack Bankhead

I love roguelikes and twinstick shooters. I would not have known I like these genres if it weren’t for Gungeon and my reviews site. A game that once did not interest me became one of my top games of the year, and that’s Flinthook. I bought it as soon as I could! Take a platformer, add random levels, plus a cool grappling hook, and you get Flinthook, definitely part of my top ten games.

The game is a 2D platformer, where you jump around and grapple onto little diamonds to move around. The game involves more than just walking and jumping. This grappling hook mechanic is the main point of this game, and the movement just feels SO good. If you get really good, you can practically fly. Each level is divided by random segments, with traps and enemies. Each enemy is a threat, as all of their methods of attacking (except for a few) can go through walls. It makes the player have to react quickly. Captain Flinthook (the playable character) can also slow time and shoot in 360 degrees. For the shooting, you can change the settings to make it practically a twinstick shooter!

Before jumping into a random level, there are certain rooms that will be in the level. This is seen before you jump into a level. It can be shops, a library for lore, a much better treasure room, and more. Picking a level based on these conditions can help or hinder your raiding of the ship. Certain traps require specific ways to avoid them, such as slowing down time to get through a laser wall or using your hook. Some enemies take more hits than others from your blaster. Keeping your mobility is KEY, otherwise you’re bound to be dead. Speaking of death, when you die, you restart all progress except modifiers and Black Market stuff,

There are modifiers such as longer shots, weaker enemies, faster moving or hook, and more. To get these modifiers, you must level up. To use them, you have to have enough skill slots which you can purchase from the Black Market. The black market offers permanent upgrades, as compared in game shops on ships, which are per run. To buy things from the Black Market, obtaining the green coins from treasure chests (always with the final treasure in a level) is a must.

Bosses are fun and different. The difficulty tends to spike with these bosses, but not messing up is important, you don’t want to start over. There are 3 main bosses, with an endless mode, and another that I haven’t unlocked even after playing a ton. Lore and relics are fun, as you collect them, you can get a better idea of what this space world is.

Flinthook is an amazing roguelike platformer that deserves attention. It’s bound to addict you like it did me, and if you don’t like the idea of losing your stuff, I say still check it out. The platforming, the hook. the lore, the bosses, art and randomization is what makes this game so good.

Highly Recommended

Reviewed on Nintendo Switch, not provided by Tribute Games