Floor Kids Review- Let’s Dance

Reviewed by Jack Bankhead

I love unique games. Most of my reviews are games that are out of the norm, as those stick out to me more and tend to fill a niche I didn’t think could be filled. Meet Floor Kids. It filled a niche I didn’t know I had, and that’s dance battle games. Floor Kids makes my soul complete.

Floor Kids has a unique hand-drawn sketchy look, which gives it its own style right away. It’s cute, yet not annoying or obnoxious. It feels just right for the rest of the game’s atmosphere. The story is simple, become a great hip-hop dancer. However, before each level comes a clever and fun narrative that’s almost funny how serious it is. Floor Kids definitely has style.

The music is one of the most important parts of this game, it’s a dancing/rhythm game. Luckily, the music is very good. The music often gets stuck in my head, but it’s not annoying. (most of this game ISN’T annoying) Plus, I actually enjoy the tunes. I would even say I’d buy the soundtrack!

The gameplay is simple when it comes to the dance battles- tap one of 4 face buttons for “toprock”, hold down and tap for “downrock”, hold a button and push the joystick in its respective side for “freeze”, and turn your joystick for “power”, maybe holding the R button to change the type of dance. Twice during every song is a rhythm section, where you can earn up to 10,000+ points. Pay attention to the beat, and it shouldn’t be so hard. How does on rack up points? Simple.

The way to rack up points is by how you do each dance battle. A simple way is when someone calls out a type of dance move. Doing it within the time frame can give you about 1000 points. Doing certain combinations of moves will give you a large amount of points, as well. There’s more, as well. Getting 5 stars for each track is a challenge, but utilizing these can help.

Collecting things is fun, and this game lets you do that. For every dance move you discover, the more cards you get. With all the characters, though, doing this won’t be easy. It’ll definitely take a bit of your time.

This game is amazing. It’s one that was overlooked on the Nintendo Switch and deserves YOUR attention. Please check it out, it’s a budget title that isn’t wasting your time!

Highly Recommended

Reviewed on Nintendo Switch, not provided my MERJ Media