At last, our long overdue Fortnite Review: Phillips CDI version

Wanna Play Fortnite? Where we droppin boys?

lol u should play it, all my friends are talking about it so you should play it

ya know my cousin is a freaking beast at fortnite, he once beat ninja in a match, seriously

So basically I’ve been bothered for years to review Fortnite, an absolute classic on the Phillips CDI. Here is some footage of Fortnite:

wow it has amazing graphics, why can’t every game be like this

the ending is also beautiful. SPOILERS! Video here

here’s what our reviewers had to say about Fornite:

Senpavo: “I have never been given this much freedom in a game before. Forget Skyrim, this is the Game of the Universe.”

Micramanic: “the story is at its absolute finest, I highly recommend it.”

Leavan: “Holy crap, this is going to keep me busy for years. Don’t miss out”

Ray: “I cannot stop playing. No game compares to this one”

What does Jack have to say?

Jack: “…”

He’s literally speechless. He’s also crying about how beautiful Fortnite is.

We give Fortnite a score of “You got bamboozled!”

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