Full Metal Furies for the Nintendo Switch Review: Full Metal Cooperation

*Note: Online Play was not covered in this review.

Full Metal Furies for the Nintendo Switch

I’ve fancied a cooperative RPG on the Switch for a long time. There are very few options on the Switch, only now opening up with Diablo III and Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Remastered. However, Cellar Door Games has one option for co-op lovers, complete with online* and true cooperative play. However, does Full Metal Furies stack up against Overcooked or Diablo III?

Full Metal Furies is billed as a “true cooperative beat-em-up RPG”. This is absolutely true. It is a beat-em-up. Skill trees and leveling up for each character. And yes, the game really does require the players working in tandem. There are four characters, with the classes of Tank, Engineer, Fighter, and Sniper. Each character can only attack certain shields, and each have different abilities, which can be changed to your liking.

Fun with Friends

The biggest reason to buy Full Metal Furies is for the couch co-op. I will say that the game is suited to a more experienced, close knit group of friends. If you or your friends enjoy casual party games, then don’t purchase the game. But, if you and your friends are , Full Metal Furies is a wise choice. The story and RPG elements are satisfying, and especially chaining combos together. Full Metal Furies is a a great co-op game, but the puzzles can be problematic and frustrate those who aren’t so apt at problem solving.

Frustration that Frustrates even the Patient

Full Metal Furies features puzzles. Some of these puzzles are tough, and although I said the game is for experienced, close knit friend group, I played with my not-so apt friends. These patient friends of mine played with me and tried multiple times to solve a puzzle, only to resort to the puzzle guide. Why is this a problem if I played with some less game experienced friends? Well, I ended playing with experienced players, and it was still frustrating. One example is where we were trapped for sixty seconds and had to dodge lasers. We couldn’t kill the robots because they were invincible. We tried more than ten times to complete it. We did it. It still took more tries than it should’ve.

RPG Elements are Everywhere

These days, RPG elements are practically in every game. The system makes for nice progression. Full Metal Furies is different, though. The game relies on leveling up, getting new gear and abilities, and progressing up the skill tree. I felt the system is one like a conventional RPG, rather than it being thrown in. I especially liked the custom abilities. Not being stuck to one type of attack or ability is empowering from the perspective of a gamer.

Gameplay: The Meat of Any Game

Full Metal Furies is a brawler RPG. Attack damage is quantified by numbers. Combos can be strung together with different attacks and switching between players. The beat-em-up gameplay is simple, but avoiding enemies and traps can be difficult. Another challenge factor is the enemy shields. Enemies may be surrounded by a shield, and only one character (or none at all!) can damage the baddie. Teamwork shines the most here. If the corresponding character isn’t paying attention, it may spell doom for everyone.

A hub camp is the home between levels. If you are playing single player, you may switch characters here. The player can also upgrade weapons, abilities, or just screw around trying to kill the mannequins. (you won’t)

Each character plays differently. For example, the Fighter uses a hammer and has quicker, yet vulnerable attacks. The Engineer has a mid-range weapon and can use abilities such as drones. The Tank uses a shield to bash the enemies, as well as staying alive longer. The Sniper has a long range weapon that’s powerful yet slow. All together, playing with four people, Full Metal Furies is a cooperative experience that’s not to be missed. Chaining the combos and destroying a tough boss is satisfying with friends.

Enemies change patterns when low on health. Conversely, when your character is low on health, you gain new abilities. This is one of the features in a game I consider most clever. Bosses have the most interesting comebacks. Speaking of bosses, bosses are cow and bull themed. Why? Ask Cellar Door games.

Full Metal Furies is a must own title for a select few. This select few are those who have a close-knit group of game inclined friends and family. Otherwise, it is worth the money, but the game won’t be at its best. The RPG elements are finely integrated, and chaining combos is satisfying. There is indeed online*, just in case a friend lives far away.


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Reviewed by Jack Bankhead on the Nintendo Switch. Game provided by Cellar Door Games.