Human Fall Flat- Tripping on Dreams

Human Fall Flat is an interesting game. It is an open ended physics puzzle game, in a weird dream world. While it succeeds in many areas as being fair, genius, and fun, it has some drawbacks.

You control Bob, a human with no special abilities. However, with the toys placed in front of you, Bob can do many things. One being throw stuff into the sky. Or, your friend! This game has two player splitscreen. That’s when the real magic happens.

Before I get to splitscreen, let me explain how well done the puzzles are. They are brilliantly done. Very open ended, there is always more than one way of going about the level. The problem comes here: the puzzles can be too hard. One in the castle level requires the player to have amazing platforming skills with a floppy character, not insuring success. I was stuck at the castle level for a long while because of this.

The physics are hilarious. The stuff a player can pull off is amazing. Amazing stunts, tricks, and stuff to screw around with will be plenty here. The even cooler thing is, is that it follows regular, real life physics. That means there won’t be anything too crazy. The music, however, is just relaxing. A little boring, even. I would have loved a more whimsical music theme.

The splitscreen makes this game from a good one to a really good one. Splitscreen takes cooperation, but you’ll be throwing everyone off cliffs and stuff instead of that. When you finally work together, the results are worth it. It is much easier to solve the puzzles by working together. The sense of accomplishment is high, and your partner and you will probably become closer together, but that’s not a promise.

The game is good. I’d recommend it on sale, or if you have a friend. The game doesn’t need work, it just can be frustrating in the wrong way sometimes. Overall, I would recommend this game. It’s a great gem, and an amazing one with splitscreen.


Reviewed on Nintendo Switch, not provided by Curve Digital.