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Hypergun for Steam

I believe that FPS games are overrated and overused. On the contrary, I would also say the same thing about rogue-like games, even if I have a soft spot for them. Both genres are by no means bad or unpleasant, it’s just hard to find a creative game with both genres. So when rogue-like FPS Hypergun comes on my doorstep, my natural response is to assume it’s an interesting concept that would fall short. My natural response was correct.

So let’s get the elephant out of the room and talk about the gameplay of Hypergun. First off, it’s fun. Lots and lots of fun. Like hours are passing before your eyes kind of fun. It’s the right mixture of movement and gunplay that reminds me of other games that follow this premises. The customization you also get is also pretty neat, as you get mods that change how your gun works. It’s not true customization exactly, but it’s better than nothing. One good thing about the mods is that they always start you off with one mod, however, most of the time it’s a weak one. Sadly, there’s always the chance that the mod you start off with maybe the only mod you get unless you defeat a boss. This increases the difficulty, but not for the right reasons. It essentially makes it harder to get to a boss when you only have one mod that barely does generic room clearing.

Speaking of room clearing, the enemies in Hypergun are both interesting, yet generic. Certain enemies are somewhat fun to fight against, and general mobs are easy enough, but the designs are so dull and generic. Most of them just look like generic alien creatures you see everywhere, which just feels lazy. Granted, there are some unique designs, like the giant shielded aliens, but most look like something you would see in a generic action space movie starring some random dude. Also, rooms are about as unique as the enemies. Rarely did I think how nice the rooms looked when most were painfully bland and lifeless. However, most of the time you probably won’t be spending your time looking at them as most likely you’ll be busy shooting down the number of enemies they throw at you. And sometimes they’ll just send the same thing over and over. I once had a run where two side-by-side rooms had the same amount of waves, the same amount and type of enemies, and the same amount of annoyance that they gave me.

Now some you might say, “Chuckles, what about the bosses? They have to be somewhat decent right?” You would be wrong. Extremely wrong. Since there’s no RNG for bosses, you only have to worry about fighting the same boss on one floor. What I mean by this is that in other rogue-like games like Enter the Gungeon, there are multiple bosses for each floor, so that one run you may get one boss while another run you’ll get a completely different one. Hypergun, not so much. And with the bosses having giant health bars, each boss fight essentially becomes “How many bullets can I fit into this guy’s skull until he dies?” Sure they do have attack patterns, but some of them are just laughable at how easy they are.

Take for example the floor one boss, a giant sphere that attacks you with lasers that fire at set times and a fireball launcher that constantly follows you at a slow pace. As long as you know how to jump and sprint, the boss turns from a “Something that’s test your skill” to “A bullet sponge that takes too long to finish.”

I often found myself having more fun with floor clearing than the bosses, mainly because with room clearing you have multiple things to attack all while avoiding the number of lasers and bullets being sent at you. Now compare that to a boss, a single enemy that has way too much health and uses one to two attacks that don’t take much effort to take out, just a lot of time.

While Hypergun has some excellent gameplay and decent customization, the lack of true creativity and boring bosses leave it as a below average game. If you want a time waster, this game is an option. Otherwise, your money is better spent on other games.

Somewhat Recommend

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Reviewed by Chuckles on PC. Game provided by NVYVE Studios.