Immortal Redneck Review- Shootin’ Them Mythical Varmints

Review by Jack Bankhead

Game provided by publisher

I didn’t grow up with the original first person shooters of the 90’s. I didn’t grow up with first person shooters at all! I’ve played the modern FPS’s that are popular these days, such as Star Wars Battlefront and Call of Duty. While fun, they try to be cinematic experiences, flashy, realistic, and slow. After doing some research, I discovered that first person shooters weren’t always slow and cinematic. They were once fast, arcadey, and much more fun. Are there any FPS’s like that now? Yes, there is. Enter: Immortal Redneck. Fast, fun, and addicting with a roguelite twist makes Immortal Redneck worth your time and money.

Interestingly, Immortal Redneck has almost nothing to do with rednecks. It’s all to do with the personality of the character’s one liners and quips. Other than that, nothing. The rest of the game is ancient Egyptian themed. I loved the monsters- easy to recognize, with unique methods of attacking. The actual rooms are not particularly colorful, but they are full of variety in design. The art design does its job, I like the enemies but not so much the environments, especially the hubworld.

The game is in a first person view. The redneck has an arsenal of weapons, all of which have their own unique playstyles. Need a quick burst of bullets? The uzi might suit you. Need power at a long range? A sniper will do the job nicely. Each weapon performs differently, and will be good for different situations. Being as bad with aim as I am, machine guns tend to be the most useful for me.

The rooms you traverse are randomized. No playthrough will be the same, unless you buy an upgrade at the merchant’s tent. Each room has a different layout- and enemies. Depending on that layout you may need to change your strategy. This system keeps you on your toes, so having a fresh start in Immortal Redneck every time you play really keeps you interested.

When you die, you start from the very beginning. Roguelites are just like that, though. The system allows for you to get better in many areas every time you die- as long as you have the money. After you die, you can spend your gold at the skill tree, which is quite literally a tree. Increase your health, speed, defense, attack, and more with the gold you gain! You have to turn in the rest of your gold before you go into a pyramid, so why not spend as much as you can? You can even purchase new playstyles with this gold giving you new weapons and perks. I personally use Apis, the God of Power, with his uzi, machine gun, grenade launcher, and revolver.

Platforming segments test your skills, rewarding you. the platforming isn’t particularly tight, but it it still works, and isn’t super frustrating. Getting to that chest or not getting hurt in these rooms are fun, and break up from the action in a positive way.

The fast paced nature of Immortal Redneck makes me want to keep playing and playing. It’s aracadey feel makes playing it a blast, like no other FPS in this day in age. It’s fast and ridiculous fun. This speed I haven’t experienced in a first person shooter is probably why I love this so much.

Although the formula has been around for ages, it breathes life into the FPS genre again, at least for me. The quick, fun, one more time gameplay shapes Immortal Redneck into another favorite of 2018- especially for the Switch. It’s a blast to play in handheld mode, with just as much performance. I totally see myself playing this for a long time forward. Picking this up will (hopefully) guarantee fun and a great time for you.

Highly Recommended

Reviewed on Nintendo Switch, provided by Crema Games