Inversus Deluxe Review- Inverted Boredom

Written by Jack Bankhead


Inversus is one of my favorite games. A neat arcade shooter, Inversus is quick, tense, and great fun, especially on the go. I don’t regret picking this game up, and it’s something easy to understand, with lots of quick thinking strategy.


The premise is that you play as a square in many different levels, attempting to hit the other AI, or player. The catch is, the only way to move is by shooting and traveling through the opposite color, and the other catch is that the opponent can do the same. If two shots of the opposite color collide, then they null each other, just disappear. This creates tons of strategy, trapping the opponent, or sharp-shooting them. Keep in mind, there are only 6 shots you have until you have to wait for them to reload. There are powerups, as well.


The style and atmosphere are some of my favorite in a game. It’s simple, but super slick looking and fluid. It makes it look really nice on a big TV without being complicated. Props to the developer for making such cool art. Sound effects are top notch, as well. They sound just right, but they don’t sound like stock sound effects.


There are 2 types of multiplayer- online and local. Online lobbies tend to be sparse, but what I could play worked well. Local is great, it’s a blast to play with friends. Don’t have friends or internet? AI is very competent, sometimes (often) besting the human player. It has up to 4 players, making it a great party game.


Arcade mode involves trying to destroy as many enemies controlled by the computer before a certain amount of lives run out. These are clever, and take your wit plus timing. Levels are plentiful, with unique quirks in every one. This adds variety, plus the fact that there’s customization. You can change emotes, colors, trails, and themes.


The game is amazing. With many types of mutliplayer, customization, levels, and a lot of fun to be had, definitely get this. It’s super slick, complete with features and fun. It is another one of my must haves for consoles.

Highly Recommended

Reviewed on Nintendo Switch, not provided by Hypersect.