Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf Review- Not a Lonely Wolf

Written by Jack Bankhead

Provided by the publisher

Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf is an absolutely pleasant surprise for me. Despite being interested in it before, it managed to capture me in such a way that I’m absolutely charmed by it, and cannot wait for more. Why is this so? It’s the great writing, battles, and choices that make me feel empowered. This game is a real gem, but why is it?

Lone Wolf follows the titular Lone Wolf, who you as the player get to build. You can choose between different abilities in the beginning such as Animal Kinship, healing, and more. After building Lone Wolf’s set of abilities and preferences, the story begins. Lone Wolf has a backstory that involves owning the Sommerswerd, a sword that can kill evil beings. While this part is stereotypical of fantasy, the rest is not.

From here on out, the story writing beings. Through a series of events, you as the player choose which story path you go on. By following the left side that is the book, you can read what is happening, then make decisions you like (should I free this man? Kill him?) and see them put into play. They will be remembered, however. Long term, even. Something you do earlier in the game will have an affect on character’s mood towards you, meaning consequences do in fact have an effect.Joe Dever's Lone Wolf - Switch 03

There’s a whole set of lore. In the menu, there is a codex that you can read, and get an idea of the world. The world is very fascinating, all the monsters, locations, and more. It may be one of my favorite fantasy worlds. In the menu also, you can check equipment, inventory, money, and even change text font. It’s a full packaged menu!Joe Dever's Lone Wolf - Switch 04

The battles in this game are amazing. They have beautiful graphics on the Switch, and require your attention. There are quicktime events where you must do a certain action with your controller to get an extra hit on the enemy, or dodge an attack. There’s a strategic element that requires you to be on your toes. You can’t just spam an attack, you have to plan ahead, using magic, attacks, throwing knives, etc…  Lone Wolf has one of my favorite battle systems to date.

The writing is amazing. It should come as no surprise, Joe Dever is an award winning writer. The characters are well realized, and end up gaining hate, sympathy, or even distrust from the reader. Big props to Joe Dever for putting in a major amount of effort into the game.

Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf is one of the best Switch games I’ve played to date. It’s a fun RPG that feels different, and charming. Great writing, an amazing battle system, and a copious amount of choices + menu stuff is absolutely material for a must buy, in my opinion. Do get this, it’s 15 dollars, an absolute steal. I just cannot wait to journey more with Lone Wolf.

Highly Recommended

Reviewed on Nintendo Switch, game provided by Forge Reply