Knights of Pen & Paper +1 Deluxier Edition Review – Digital Dungeons and Dragons

Review by BifftheWizard

Game provided by publisher


Want to go on an adventure? Want to play Dungeons and Dragons but lack the friends or creativity to do so? Well then, this game is for you!

Make new friends! Create your team! Options include but are not limited to : a business man, a Nerd, the Pizza Guy, other random guys and girls, a werewolf(?), an alien, and of course, Grandma. Can’t leave her out of the fun! Watch as they transform from ordinary (or not so ordinary) people to Paladins and Warriors, Witches, Clerics and Mages, and more. Then, with your new teammates, begin your adventure!

You pick your battles for the majority of the game. You can choose how many and what kind of enemies you want to fight, each with their own difficulty depending on their and your level. You can choose which quests to tackle first, which range from battles to escorts to item collecting. Traveling, resting (out of towns), and blacksmithing require a die roll. It rolls automatically, and the roll needs to be within a certain range. Otherwise, the blacksmith doesn’t work, or you get attacked.

It’s a rather simple to battle. Turn based, choose an attack, choose an enemy. Nothing fancy and the animations are basic. As your characters level up, you can unlock and level up skills. Skills use mana, but do more damage or have special effects. Some skills are passive, and boost certain stats. While certain items may regenerate mana, it’s important to keep an manage each character’s mana, especially when fighting waves of enemies.

Gold is extremely crucial in this game. You use it for everything, from adding extra characters, to buying items and traveling, blacksmithing, and most importantly, reviving dead party members. Gold is acquired through battling and quests. It’s just as easy to earn gold as it is to spend it. There’s plenty of stuff that you can buy with gold.

The references are strong with this game! The backgrounds may not look like much, but peer a little closer and you might be surprised. I’ve found a strange, blue police box half buried in the sands of the desert, familiar green pipes and ? boxes in the castle sewers (along with turtle enemies wielding nunchucks and donning ninja masks), frogs that look like Kermit and a mysterious teal van in the swamps so far.

I enjoy Knights of Pen & Paper. It’s nothing special, but I spent a lot of time (and gold) playing it. Leveling up is rather difficult sometimes, but not frustratingly so. It is easy to get used to, and the dialogue from the characters are interesting and have their funny moments. Your adventure awaits!


Reviewed on the Nintendo Switch, provided by Behold Studios