Legendary Eleven Nintendo Switch Review: Kicking It Hard

Review by Jack Bankhead

Game provided by publisher

Released around the time of the World Cup, Legendary Eleven aims to give you a budget soccer experience. It definitely does that, and while there were issues, I can assure you they’re fixed. Legendary is a good arcade soccer (football for everyone else) game, but not much more than that. With an extra layer such as a charge meter and custom cards, Legendary Eleven is worth it- if you really want another soccer game.

With a retro 70’s aesthetic, Legendary Eleven does a good job visually. In handheld mode on the Switch, however, the game is a little muddy and jagged. Sound wise, the game is okay. No engaging tunes, satisfactory but generic crowd sounds. While graphics and sound are lacking somewhat, the gameplay carries the few flaws.

Two modes- Free Play and Championship. Championship is essentially the campaign, the main single player mode. Free play was my favorite. I prefer quick plays in sports games rather than campaigns, however. In Free Play, you can pick which country you play as and who you face against. After picking, you pick skill cards, then play a round of soccer.

The actual gameplay involves 11 players on each team playing soccer/football. You control the character nearest to the ball, then pass it to other teammates. The goal, of course is kick the ball into the goal. Legendary Eleven is just soccer. The mechanics are solid, with the nice addition of the charge meter.

If any of you reading have read about a game-breaking bug, they have been fixed. The devs were incredibly professional about it, which scores points in my book. After the patch, and playing for a couple of hours I experienced no problems. Before, this review was incredibly negative but I had to rewrite because of the patch. Legendary Eleven is an enjoyable game now.

I can recommend Legendary Eleven for soccer/football fans. It’s a solid little game with a budget price tag. While not amazing, Legendary Eleven is a good game, and shouldn’t disappoint.



Reviewed on the Nintendo Switch, provided by Eclipse Games