Life Goes On for the Nintendo Switch Review- The Show Must Go On!

Life Goes On for the Nintendo Switch Review

In a puzzle game, clever thinking is necessary. It’s what makes a  fun puzzle game! Combined with the platformer genre, puzzle platformers add a whole new dimension to puzzles. Not only must you be clever, but you need reflexes and quick fingers. In Life Goes On, the already atypical genre gets a new twist: your deaths are necessary. Brace yourself, this game is hilariously clever and morbid.

Life Goes On has a simple premise- reach the goblet in each level. It’s not simple. It never can be. There are areas you simply cannot reach, like spike pits that are too long or walls in the way. There’s something different in this game. You have an infinite number of knights to use. Pit too long? Jump into it, then with the next knight jump onto the dead body of the previous knight and reach the other side. Most scenarios are much more complex,  so play for yourself to see how clever this game is!

There are different “gimmicks” in each stage. For example, cannons, buttons, and flamethrowers. Lots of other things, in case you were wondering. While often deadly traps, they’re often the key to winning. Checkpoints are also used as puzzles in of themselves, as you play you will learn that a checkpoint is often the way to solve the puzzles. The usage of the “gimmicks” is exceptional.

There are little collectibles for completing levels and challenges. While the hats and weapons don’t actually do anything, it’s a nice touch for completionists. There’s even an achievement for completionists, but be warned- Life Goes on has a ton of levels and 100% requirements.

There’s randomly generated names for each of the knights you send out, and many will make you crack up. It’s one of the many nice touches. At the end of each level, it will say, “Victory!” with some little snarky comment such as “You monster” or “at what cost?”

There’s a surprising amount of levels, never becoming stale. There’s a few themes of levels, each with many levels. For the hours I played, the puzzles got bigger and better as I went on, not becoming stale once. I experienced many “Eureka!” moments as I sat and looked at the level. It takes some brilliant design to achieve this!

At times the game looks like shovelware, but for certainty, Life Goes On is anything but shovelware. It’s sad to me how many may overlook this game, but it’s one that shouldn’t be. It’s brilliant. It’ll make you laugh how morbid it is. You’ll congratulate yourself for solving these puzzles as they are simply so clever. A unique concept executed well, Life Goes On is one begging to be played.

Very Recommended

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Review by Jack Bankhead, reviewed on the Nintendo Switch. Provided by GamePoch.