Little Triangle Review- The Right Triangle for You

Review by Jack Bankhead

Game provided by publisher

Platformers are the bread of video games. Basic, but there’s good bread and bad bread. You can put delicious condiments such as jam, or butter on bread, or you might not. Platformers come in many shapes and forms, some bland, some delicious. Little Triangle is a very good piece of bread, with a delicious (insert condiment here). Little Triangle is tough, yet not cheap. Slick animations, amazing level design, and tons of secrets make Little Triangle worth your time.

Let me first talk about the art style. It’s amazing. It reminds me of old Cartoon Network shows, yet it isn’t copying anything. It’s still unique. To back up the art, tons of characters are presented in this style. To back it further, it appears it runs in 60 frames per second, making it appear super slick. I personally love it, as it reminds me of certain cartoons such as Gumball, yet it has its own flair in the mix. There are animations for a lot of things, such as idling, tipping off a platform, being scared from certain traps, etc. It adds to the personality by a LOT.

The actual gameplay is great, it’s a tough platformer that can be frustrating, but in the right way. It’s a get-good type of game, where you end up learning to be more precise and not careless. Each level has 3 stars you can earn, based on what you got in each level. In each level, there are TONS of secrets, you might not find them all in one level. Rescuing hostages becomes harder as secrets become more and more difficult to find. Redoing each level will be the best way to get the most of the game.

There’s a house feature that allows you to switch characters. The house is super detailed, and has tons of easter eggs. The whole game is filled with easter eggs, in fact. Most are cute and hilarious! This house is chock-full of them. There is also a multiplayer battle mode, with inspirations from Towerfall and Duck Game (my favorite!!!) making multiplayer enjoyable, but it is an afterthought. It adds to the overall multiplayer. Another mode is co-op, and this is my favorite. Working together to find secrets and defeat enemies is great, I loved it.

Little Triangle is one of my favorite games I’ve played lately. It’s fully featured, with an amazing art design, tough but fair levels, secrets in the levels, and easter eggs, plus tons of other characters. All that makes this worth your time. I highly recommend this.

Highly Recommended

Reviewed on the Nintendo Switch, copy provided by Dreamoji