Mad Carnage Review- Tactical Mad Max

Written by Jack Bankhead

Game provided by Drageus Games

Mad Carnage has an interesting premise. Take Mad Max, with cars in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, then cross that with Fire Emblem. That’s Mad Carnage. With an interesting turn-based mechanic that requires you to think ahead, a good story, and a multiplayer mode, is this worth your money?

The story involves a group of survivors in a post apocalyptic Earth. The main story is written by Evan Currie. When the story is not told through brief comicbook styled panels, it is told in blocks of text. While it is interesting, a more engaging way to tell the story would be welcome.

The gameplay is presented in an isometric viewpoint. You can zoom in and out to  get a better picture. My first problem starts here. The cursor is hard to move, its sensitivity is very low. Luckily, it is easy to choose units by using the shoulder buttons (L and R) but picking a next spot is not as easy. This is something that could see an easier change, however.

The actual tactical gameplay is clever, and very well done, but confusing. The cars can only move in limited directions as they are cars. If you think ahead, it is not as confusing. If you rush right in, it becomes frustrating. Having patience definitely helps in this.

There are different units of cars. They all have different properties. Using them correctly helps the frustration go down, such as using the fighter to be quick, and using the ramming units for ramming, etc. There are upgrades for each type of vehicle, as well. The other gripe I have is with gears. It is confusing on how they work and they don’t appear to save. I’m sure the developers will fix this feature, however.

There’s multiplayer with custom game features. This is a small mode, but brings some more variety into the gameplay. Although there are only 20 plus levels in the game, it is a smaller game with a smaller price tag. Should you get it? If you have some spare change in your eShop account, it may be worth it. If you keep in mind patience over rushing in, you will find this a fun, short tactical game with a neat premise.


Reviewed on the Nintendo Switch, provided by Drageus Games