NeuroVoider Review – Too Many Explosions? Nah!

Ahh, NeuroVoider. A fantastic game for stress relieving, if you like to relieve stress by blowing up a ton of crap. Everything explodes. It’s amazing. It starts with a brain breaking free, stealing some robot parts, and becoming the ultimate DEATH MACHINE.

You get three options. Dash, Rampage, and Fortress. Or in other words, speed, attack, and defense. Each class has their own special, each helpful in their own way. You also get to choose a skill. There is a plethora of options to choose from, some activated when you need it, while others are passive.

In NeuroVoider, each level is unique. You can choose from three different maps, varying in size and difficulty. Enemies drop crystals(for non-passive skills), items(new parts or weapons), and health. They also all explode quite violently when defeated. It’s awesome. The number of part and weapon combinations are near limitless, and all the names of the rarer parts and weapons are completely and utterly ridiculous. The sheer amount of weapons is great too. Bullet, close range, rocket, frag, shock and more. There’s definitely a weapon for everyone!

EP is your energy, or in other words, how much damage you can do until you overload. Different weapons use up varying amounts of EP. Use it up too fast, and you’ll overload. Overloading leaves you vulnerable, but EP regenerates automatically. One passive skill exploits that, so overloading also causes an explosion that only harms enemies. It’s one of my favorite skills, actually.

There are 20 total levels, every 5 a boss fight, and an intermission in between each level to upgrade and heal. Not going to sugar coat anything; it’s tough. Really tough. I consider myself really lucky if I manage to get past the first boss, even on the easiest setting or I’m really terrible at this game. Can’t tell. The goal of each level is to find the reactors (different amount each level) and blow them up. As soon as they’ve all been destroyed, you can teleport out and continue on.

Multiplayer in NeuroVoider is amazing. I’ve had my friends over countless times and they’ve gotten fairly good within the first few times. It’s definitely a little challenging in the beginning, but it’s pretty easy to learn. It’s also super helpful to have more than one class, and to play multiple times so you and your friends figure out the best combinations. You can share weapons and parts if they don’t fit your class or suit your style. Even defeated players can hop around as brains and dash to briefly stun enemies while the remaining players try to continue.

I really, really enjoy playing this game(not just for the explosions). It’s fun alone, or with siblings and friends, even if it’s a bit confusing at first. Actually, the most challenging problem we had was who was who on the screen! It was definitely a new experience for me, as I first started exploring the vast ocean of games on the Switch. The layout of the maps and the enemy appearances always change with each level, so there’s always something new! NeuroVoider is a perfect mini-party game (my parties consist of me and like 3 other people and my sibling, so yeah, mini-party) and is awesome to play again and again. If you like explosions as much as I do, you might also enjoy this game. I’d say it’s definitely a blast!

Very Recommended