Neverout for the Nintendo Switch Review: A Bit Out There

Review by Jack Bankhead

Game provided by publisher

Let’s keep this simple and concise: Neverout is a neat game, but only for so long. For the first two-ish hours I loved it. Then, it became repetitive and somewhat boring, where puzzles seemed the same and the graphics became a bore. There’s a saving grace to Neverout: the price.

Neverout is a 3D first person puzzle game. The objective is to find the escape from each room by turning a wall into a floor, shifting gravity and making boxes move. As you progress, new gimmicks show up, but the objective stays the same: escape the room and don’t get electrocuted.

The graphics in Neverout are abysmal. Repetitive, bland, and boring. Sound is meant to be eerie, but I turned it off as it wasn’t noticeable, but rather annoying. I did not enjoy the graphics in Neverout.

The puzzle mechanics are the best part of this game. For the most part, they are genius and clever, until they become a little stale and repetitive. It also becomes a bit of a chore from the movement, your character moves in a grid. This makes puzzle solving easier, but it gets clunky and hard to use.

There is a sort of atmosphere that Neverout makes. It’s a creepy atmosphere, but executed fairly well. It’s not enough to make it a horror game, but enough for the game to be moderately creepy.

This game is a great experience… until it becomes dull and repetitive. Luckily, the game is only six US dollars. If you have extra eShop credit or points on your Switch, Neverout is worth it. Otherwise, this isn’t the best your money can buy.


Reviewed on the Nintendo Switch, provided by Galaktus PR and Gamedust