Nidhogg 2 for the Nintendo Switch Review: A Mess Of Gore And Brilliance

Nidhogg 2 for the Nintendo Switch

Nidhogg 2 is a multiplayer strategy game developed and published by Messhof Games which was the sequel to the original Nidhogg. It all started when Messhof released Nidhogg on January 13th of 2014, the game received great review scores and became extremely popular across the internet. It only seemed natural that in 2016, an announcement trailer was released which basically confirmed that Nidhogg 2 was happening. Later on, Nidhogg 2 would be released on August 15th of 2017 on both PS4 and PC with ports coming out later such as Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

I love party games. They can bring an absolutely fantastic experience when you are hanging out with friends or are at a party. When I got the chance to review this for AnyDay Reviews, I couldn’t wait to play the title with my friends both locally and online. Is this game a great gore fest or is it too bloody for it’s own good?

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I am gonna start by talking about the gameplay since this game doesn’t have a story. It’s fair since not that many multiparty titles have a story to begin with. The controls in Nidhogg 2 are pretty simple. The B button is for jumping, and the Y button is for attacking. You can also use the analog stick to aim the position of weapons just in case you need to dodge some arrows or attacks. The analog stick can also be used for throwing weapons by aiming the analog stick up and pressing the attack button. Movement can also be used to dodge attacks such as rolling pass a player or knocking a weapon out of a player’s hand to steal.

Nidhogg 2 is a party game where 2 players have to fight each other to get to their side of the arena. After they get past an area on their side, they usually have to get through 3 more areas until they get to the last screen where they get eaten by a worm making one of the players win.

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In every match, weapons are available to use. Sure, you can kick the enemies to the ground but it’s certainly the weakest attack in the game and it’s made weak just for the purpose of grabbing weapons. There are 2 types of swords, a normal sword that doesn’t have a lot of range but can be used to steal better weapons and to attack, and the fencing sword is a more ranged sword that is really good for throwing and quick attacks. There is also a bow and arrow which is the most useless weapon in the game but can be used well if it’s used properly. Finally, there is the dagger which is really small and is tricky to use when thrown but it’s really good with quick attacks.

There are 10 levels in Nidhogg 2. Castle, Beach, Wilds, Airship, Winter, Swamp, Dungeon, Clouds, Volcano, and Club. Most of these stages don’t really play differently to say but they each feel different in how their layouts and each of them combine to make the great level design that Nidhogg 2 has. The characters can also be customized to look the way you want them to look. You make them funny, cool, disturbing, or just plain silly.

The main thing about Nidhogg 2 is its multiplayer. You can play the game normally with just 2 people trying to kill each other to get to their end of the map or you can start a tournament where you can have a bunch of players play each other in matches and they rank up if they win. The one who wins the final match wins! The normal local multiplayer can also be played with online. Even though the game is mostly multiplayer focused, there is single player content in the arcade mode where you face CPUs in all 10 of the game’s levels with each level making the CPUs harder and harder.

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Now that I’m done going on and on about the gameplay, what did i think of it? Personally, Nidhogg 2 has some fun gameplay that’s actually refreshing for a multiplayer title like this. The movement and weapons feel extremely satisfying to use and it makes me wonder why not many gaming tournaments use this game as a competitive title of some sorts. The levels are also really nice to play through and feel new each time they are played which is surprising since people are gonna be playing these stages for a while. Not to mention, the arcade mode is pretty enjoyable even if I beat it in about 23 minutes.

That’s not saying that the game is the perfect party game. Sometimes, it’s extremely difficult to see if you are dead or not. When you are knocked out on the ground, you don’t know if you are fully dead or just stunned. Also, it can be stupidly easy to fight a match if you just run and not fight. This can discourage players from even trying to play the game and can make the player that is losing even more salty. Besides those issues, the gameplay in Nidhogg 2 is fantastic!

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When talking about the game’s art design, we have to step back to the first game’s art design. It had a relatively simple design to it but looked extremely unique and nothing like the other indie titles at that time. Now, Nidhogg 2’s art design takes a more cartoon like approach to it’s art and some fans of the original were mad about these changes. I can understand why some fans of the original were mad about the changes but personally Nidhogg 2 looks really nice and shows that pixel art can be really expressive. It feels sad that Nidhogg 2 is gonna be judged because of it’s art when it’s a “judge a book by it’s cover” type of deal.

The performance of the game is also pretty alright on Switch. There are a few glitches that i found during my play sessions such as the CPUs moving during the countdown and the weapon hitboxes being pretty clunky at times. Luckily, the game never crashed on me and it ran really smoothly at 60 FPS during docked mode and undocked mode.

The music in Nidhogg 2 is also really nice to listen to. It does bring the intense feel of the battles in the game into an audio form but it also sounds really nice and can be really catchy at times. Even if some tracks lack this feel, Nidhogg 2’s soundtrack mostly hits all the right notes and provides a good listen.

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Nidhogg 2 is a fantastic party game that has all the makings of a great experience for both you and your friends. It’s fast battles and frantic splashes of gore makes it really exciting to see who wins and who loses. I’d say for $14.99, you are getting some great multiplayer fun and some pretty good single player content. Just make sure that it’s best played with friends and the arcade mode is pretty short. It’s not perfect, but Nidhogg 2 is most certainly worth picking up!


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Reviewed by RayReviewer on the Nintendo Switch. Game provided by Messhof Games.