Nihilumbra Review – Hello Darkness My Old Friend

Review by BifftheWizard

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Except in Nihilumbra, The Void is not your friend, as it is continually chasing you because you escaped from it. From blob to scarecrow, you must run and jump to escape its wrath, collect colors to aid you, and explore each new world you find yourself in.

“You were born.”

Words in the sky fade in and out, at times offering advice or subtle clues, other times telling you that you are nothing, and that you absolutely cannot escape the dark and frightening Void chasing you. It’s a love-hate relationship, I guess. The words are read aloud by a deep voice that scared the crud outta me when I started. It’s a nice voice, just totally and completely unexpected.

You grow and learn while exploring every new environment, and with each comes a new color. The touch screen allows you to apply the color where it is necessary. The colors have their own properties to help you: move faster, bounce, sneak, and more. You might think that it makes things easier, but things get harder as you continue.

“I guess you are smart enough.”

It’s all one big puzzle, between the obstacles in your way (including the landscape, monsters created by The Void, and strange machines), the reason you exist and why the Void wants you so desperately. Can you escape The Void?

You cannot fight in this game; you are armed with colors and your wits only.  The Void creates monsters, both frightening and freaky. Heads up, the first one you encounter screeches like a banshee and charges when it sees you. I may or may not have screamed in response.

“You must run.”

This game is absolutely wonderful. I was immediately hooked, and could hardly stop once I started (but you know, these silly things called sleep and life, just had to interrupt me). The music is haunting, much like the relentless Void after you. The checkpoints scattered around the levels make sure you don’t have to redo too much, the monsters more and more terrifying. The ending? Nah, no spoilers here. You gotta play if you want to know about that part. Just remember,

“Life is not a simple journey.”

Very Recommended

Reviewed on the Nintendo Switch, provided by Beautifun Games

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  1. Great review BifftheWizard! I didn’t know anything about the game until now, and it looks really interesting. I like how it looks too!

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