A Gummy’s Life for the Nintendo Switch Review: Complete Bonkers!


A Gummy’s Life for the Nintendo Switch

Ever wished Gang Beasts was on the Switch? Look no further. It’s not Gang Beasts, however. It’s a Gummy’s Life! With support for 8 local or online players, a fair level count and more than one mode, A Gummy’s Life is brilliant, even if the game doesn’t always have the best performance. It’s a blast with friends, a good laugh, and just bonkers.

A Gummy’s Life is a physics based fighting game where up to 8 human and AI candy gummies can beat the living crap out of each other and throw each other off ledges. Yes, A Gummy’s Life is that crazy. I’d also like to note the significance of 8 player couch multiplayer. This is an incredibly thoughtful inclusion. I often have groups of more than 4 come over to my place to play games, and this game provides crazy fun, with support for a crowd. Last time I checked, Gang Beasts doesn’t have 8 player multiplayer. The game also incorporates single Joy Con play comfortably. This alone almost makes A Gummy’s Life worth buying, the multiplayer alone.

Online multiplayer is included, but unfortunately, the servers are mostly empty. I found another player once, but it disconnected immediately after. This really saddens me as online multiplayer is no easy feat- just seeing empty servers makes me sad.

The objective in A Gummy’s Life is simple: throw your opponents off a ledge before you throw them off a ledge. Problem: There’s a lot of smart gummies. You probably won’t survive.

The levels in A Gummy’s Life really shine. Not all of them are amazing, but for the most part are creative levels. Before starting a series of fights, the players can choose between modes such as Free For All or King of the Hill. The players can also choose all levels, a custom range of levels, or the “Recommended” levels. I guess EP Games gets our scoring system?

Each level is almost totally different from each other. Stairs with boulders and lava, a train, a spinning machine. The design for these are creative, with only one level really that drags on in a fight. Speaking of dragging on, if a group of buddies play and only AI is left, there is no option to skip the AI fighting. For the most part, it doesn’t take long for them to finish. Sometimes, it does. It can become boring!

The AI is actually really good. Without being cheap, the AI often can outsmart me or out-brute me and throw me off the level. With this in mind, A Gummy’s Life is a great single player game, for a time. Even with couch multiplayer, the AI often has won or beaten my friends. Not a bad thing, actually. The AI still do dumb things, just like a human!

A Gummy’s Life is sure to be your next big hit at your party. Even if you don’t have friends over often, I still recommend A Gummy’s Life for the AI. The game is better with friends. So good that I highly recommend it! Creative level design, 8 player multiplayer, and smart AI constitute A Gummy’s Life, an amazing party game.

Highly Recommended

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Reviewed by Jack Bankhead on the Nintendo Switch. Game provided by EP Games.


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