Aqua Lungers Review – Diving For Gold

Aqua Lungers

I wouldn’t consider myself much for competitive games, but I do find myself having fun in such games from time to time, like Halo deathmatch or Titanfall 2 multiplayer. Mario Party has been known to get me going, and get me wildin’. So to get a game which is focused mostly upon the idea of being competitive when you have no one to play it with, considering the circumstances of the quarantine, it’s a bit hard to review. So, when it comes to Aqua Lungers, I’ll try my best to envision playing with someone else. 


Aqua Lungers is a competitive action game developed and published by WarpedCore Studio. It seems like their aim is to just create a fun party game you can play with friends. But I’m a gamer, and as such, I HAVE no friends. So upon seeing that it allowed for up to four players, I sat there going, “Should I just grab my sister to give this a shot?” 

I didn’t. I played alone. 

Your Missions

In Aqua Lungers, you play as divers searching for treasures. The objective is simple enough: dive into the water and grab as much gold as you can carry to bring back up to the surface. You usually get gold through whacking shipwrecks with your spear. You can only carry so much gold, so multiple trips are required. Whoever collects the most gold in the end wins. 

However, there are things much more dangerous that can mess with you. Ravenous creatures be dwelling within these waters. The majority of them won’t kill you; they just cause you to drop gold if they hit you. There is one specific creature that will kill you in one hit, though, so be careful when transferring gold to and fro. 

More Cards In Your Sleeve

You can do more than just poke them with your spear, though. Throughout the levels, you can find giant skulls that will provide you with buffs and abilities, like bombs or a shield. They are temporary and only have a one-time use, but that won’t stop you from being able to grab more if you run out. 

Aqua Lungers itself is fairly simple, structure-wise. It’s split up into areas, each with a few levels and a boss. Once you defeat the boss, you move on to the next area. Each area does try its best to be different from the last, and I’d say they did a fairly good job of it, as every area has its own unique look and enemies. 

The Waters

The levels themselves are fine; nothing really all that special. Sometimes they will have special properties like currents that push you up, or rocks you need to destroy to get past. Otherwise, they work for what they are intended to do. 

Overall, Aqua Lungers is an average competitive game that could be good if you and your friends are just looking for a way to kill time for an hour or two. I couldn’t say there was much that interested me, but to say this game needs work or isn’t quite there wouldn’t be that truthful. It’s just… a game. 



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Game reviewed by Freelance7 on the Nintendo Switch. Game provided by WarpedCode Studio.


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