Screencheat Unplugged Nintendo Switch Review: Cheat the System


Screencheat Unplugged for the Nintendo Switch

Throughout my life, I’ve gamed. I’ve played many genres of games, but one notable genre I haven’t played much of is a first person shooter. I used to be against them, and now I think they’re freaking amazing. A small problem with the genre is that the games tend to be violent. This makes in inaccessible to many- but Samurai Punk combines Mario Kart magic with the first person shooter with a near perfect result!

Normally in splitscreen first person shooter games, looking at the other player’s screen is rude. It even has a name: screencheating. But, as you may notice, this game is called¬†Screencheat. The problem with looking on your screen for other players: everyone is invisible. To figure out where everyone is, peeking at another’s screen is necessary. Alternatively, the player can wait for weapon trails to show up, but that can be disabled. In fact, it is the whole point of Screencheat. Matches are frantic. And unlike Mario Kart, Screencheat uses more skill than luck to determine the winner.

Local Game has Great Local Multiplayer

Four player splitscreen is the meat of Screencheat. But one can’t always have four people. Enter bots. Have one or two other friends? Bots can fill those extra spots. Don’t have friends? Guess what! Bots can fill the other three spots. Screencheat is more than just a deathmatch game. There are more than five modes (I didn’t count, so this is my best estimate) and mutators to change up gameplay. Plenty of maps with their own unique setting and gimmick is just icing on the cake. Screencheat is a blast with a friend or friends.

The Weapons are Many

This isn’t an ordinary first person shooter. This is Screencheat. Therefore, the weapons are far from conventional. A sniper gun that shoots through walls, a teddy bear explosive, a candelabra, a freaking horse- that’s only some. Of course, there are three conventional weapons. A blunderbuss, a revolver rifle, and a grenade launcher. Everyone I played with gravitated towards one weapon or two, but the selection also depended on the map. A grenade launcher was ineffective in a tight space, but effective in an open map. Candelabras seem overpowered, but the amount of trail they leave behind is more than you may like.

A Rehaul for the Best System

The graphics in Screencheat apparently weren’t always so colorful and vibrant. In this Switch version, the hues are brimming with charm and the ragdolls and weapons are recognizable, as well as endearing. In previous versions of Screencheat, models and colors weren’t so good and were even ugly at times. This Switch exclusive rehaul gives the game recognizable images.


In Screencheat, you must play unlock everything. You start with one weapon, map, and gamemode and eventually, you’ll have all the weapons, maps, and modes! It doesn’t take as much effort to level up all the way to 25 as you’d think. The XP requirements to level up increases only slightly with each level, so give it an hour and most of the modes, maps, and weapons will be unlocked!

Screencheat is one of the best Switch party games you can get. A family friendly first person shooter with Mario Kart-esque twists will soon be your new favorite game to play with friends and family. And at the reasonable price of $13, I cannot recommend Screencheat more than I already am. I highly recommend Screencheat Unplugged!

Highly Recommended

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Reviewed by Jack Bankhead on the Nintendo Switch. Game provided by Samurai Punk.

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