We should talk for the Nintendo Switch Review

We should talk

Many times we are presented with interactive story games such as “Life is Strange” or most of Telltale’s games. Those games let us choose what we want to say, but not HOW. In “We should talk” by Insatiable Cycle, the player’s task is to choose what to say and how to say it.

In “We should talk,” the main character always decides how to say to the people around them. While on a night out drinking, they must face flirty strangers, an ex and their girlfriend, Sam, who’s having various problems with her work and life. Throughout the game, you will be free to make your choices, which will lead to one of nine different endings.

Whenever the player has to make a decision, a pink bar will show up. Players can scroll through the bar to choose the words they want. While sometimes those decisions might not change much, other times they will lead the discussion onto other directions. Just by saying “we” instead of “I” or “you”, the player is making an impactful decision that might lead to a new ending.

Graphically, the game is very simplistic, with still 3D models that might change their posture every now and then. The music is okay, and while it fits with the situation, it feels more like it’s accompanying the game without being fully part of it. It doesn’t really stand out from other similar games. Each playthrough lasts about 15 minutes, and, without spoiling anything, the endings are all different and are worth it.

In the end, “We should talk” is a short and sweet experience that shouldn’t be rushed, as it shows the effect our words can have on other people and our relationships with them. While the artistic side is lacking, the game itself stands out from other similar games and it’s great at what it does.


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Reviewed by Senpavo for the Nintendo Switch. Game provided by Whitethorn Games.


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