One Strike Review – One Time Entertainment

There’s a lot that could have been done with One Strike. It is an interesting concept, but not much more than that. Stare down your opponent as you shuffle across the screen, dashing forwards or backwards if necessary. Defend or attack, but whoever lands the first blow is the victor.

The warriors are the most interesting part. There are six of them, each with distinctive weapons and unique fighting style. Three of them have different length katanas, and the other three with sickles, a naginata, and sai. The attacks and blocks are equally diverse, and add the challenge.

In One Strike, there are a couple modes, both in single player and versus, along with Easy, Medium and Hard. In single player, you can take on each warrior in a duel to the death. If you die at any time, you must restart and fight them all again. Versus is a two player mode. Arcade has 5 lives for everyone, Team Duel has a three warrior team, each with one life, and there’s also a Tournament mode. You can try for all the Accolades, but it’s just beating each mode with each character in each difficulty. That’s all that is really to it.

It’s quick, simple, and challenging in it’s own way, but also repetitive and kinda bland. The music is pretty cool, though. There isn’t much to One Strike, but what it has is good. I don’t think I will find myself playing it too often, maybe to show a friend every now and again, but it’s not likely. It’s not that it’s a bad game, but it’s not really a great game either.

Somewhat Recommended