Penny Punching Princess Review- Crunching Numbers

Review by Jack Bankhead

Game provided by publisher


Capitalism, ho! is the essence of this entire game. The game has a gimmick it rolls with, and that’s money. If you have money, you can bribe tough monsters, traps, and even death itself. Is it always successful? No, but it sure is a fun romp. With a non-cliched story, fun mechanics, and hectic but fair battles, this game is worth your attention.

The game follows a princess whose father, the King lost everything from the Dragoloans, who supposedly conned him. The princess is out to fight the Dragoloans, to get revenge. Along the way, lovable monsters show up and block your path. Traps block your path. But no fear, because you can buy all of that! Trap giving you trouble? Bribe it and use it against your enemies! Fearsome dragon? Bribe him, and destroy your enemies! As long as you have the money, of course.


Each section of the game is divided by levels. In each level there is a set of battle encounters that the player must complete to progress. Each section is designed that you can use the traps/enemies to fight other enemies. Chests and healing circles are also strategically placed. This placement allows for some consistency in level design when each level is not very pretty. The levels would be generic if it wasn’t for this placing.


Brawling is nothing special, but it is fun. While not super deep, it serves its purpose in a game. The game is in an overhead viewpoint, and while that makes cute characters viable, the sprites are 2D and as such the collision is weird. You can get hit when you shouldn’t. Hitting enemies can get weird, as it isn’t always spot on. The game also has difficulty spikes. This is a good thing and a bad thing. While it keeps your attention, it doesn’t do an amazing job of pacing the difficulty spikes.


Looking for a unique RPG? One that has a gimmick that is quite fun? Penny Punching Princess is a good option. However, without the money gimmick, it would be completely generic. Keep your eye out on this one, it is lots of fun, but keep in mind it has its caveats. When it is on sale or your capitalist sense kicks in, pick it up, it’s a fun romp.

Very Recommended

Reviewed on the Nintendo Switch, provided by NISAmerica.