Could Pokemon Lets Go Be The Game We’ve All Been Waiting for?

The wait is finally over, Pokemon switch has finally been revealed along with two other games. Pokemon Quest, & a 2019 Pokemon title which is assumed to be the gen 8 game. But, as fun & cute as pokemon quest is. I want to dissect these core games to further understand what that means for the series going forward.


Theres 3 things that we know about Pokemon in 2019, Its launching second half of 2019, Its a traditional core RPG, & its slated to take inspiration from Gen 7, Gen 8 & stylistically Lets Go. But, what if the 2019 game takes more than just the  aesthetics? I’m willing to propose that 2019 WILL be the most ambitious pokemon game to date. Using Lets Go to test the waters for features like Co-Op, Pokemon in the over world, & more expressive cutscenes/story telling.

Im just gonna say it now. I think that a shared world style pokemon game is on the horizon. The lack of wild encounters, the emphasis on couch Co-Op, & just the over all multiplayer aspects of Lets GO seem to imply exactly that. “2019” would be foolish to leave these features for the GO series. Could you imagine having the ability to drop in & out of other players game worlds, that would be incredible.

Of course a shared world game is really ambitious & would hinge completely on how well Nintendo’s online service functions, Theres 0% chance that GameFreak puts out a broken game on a sub par service. So the “shared world” could be facilitated via features like they already implement in games like Animal Crossing. Where if you enter another persons town, your character from that point on exists in their game world wandering around doing day to day task. That sort of feature could easily be utilized in 2019. The Idea has even already be toyed with via the Festival Plaza in Sun & Moon. This could be expanded to exist seamlessly in the game world now that the game is no longer bottlenecked by the limitations of the 3ds Hardware. Of course this is all speculation, but, as a long time pokemon fan who’s always wanted an MMO style pokemon game, something GameFreak says will never exist by the way. This could be the Closest we ever get.